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Whether you know him from stage, screen, television, or his voice acting work, Tim Curry has always been one of entertainment's most recognizable character actors. From playing Pennywise in IT to voicing Nigel Thornberry on Nickelodeon's The Wild Thornberrys in our childhoods, Tim Curry has played a role in entertaining us all.

To recognized this fact, the 69-year-old actor was awarded the The Actors Fund Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tony Awards this Sunday. His attendance marked one of the few appearances from Curry after he suffered a stroke in 2012.

In an interview with Los Angeles Magazine, Curry discussed his win and what it means to him:

It means that it just sort of solidifies the kind of work the American acting community has given me for years now. It’s very gracious of them, I think. I was thrilled when they told me and I am thrilled now.

After asking about the award, the magazine touched on Curry's stroke and asked how he was feeling:

I’m doing well and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve done a few benefits for the Actors Fund and I think it’s a marvelous organization. I hope not to have to use it.

The Actors Fund is a charitable organization which offers financial assistance for the funeral and burial services of those in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera.

Despite his health issues, Curry seems to have maintained his signature wit. When asked how important it is to keep in high spirits and a good sense of humor, Curry responded:

Vital. Absolutely vital. It’s not tough to maintain. It is just part of my DNA.

Well, there's no doubt about that! You don't have the comedic presence and timing of Tim Curry without it being an essential part of who you are as a person.

Personally, I don't think they could have chosen a better recipient. Curry earned my vote for a Lifetime Achievement award way back in the 1970s after donning fishnets and a corset to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

The show was, as I'm sure many of you know, originally a stage production that was later adapted to the screen. Lucky for us, Tim Curry starred in both and perfected acting as the sweet Transylvanian transvestite scientist.

In theater, Curry went on to play other notable roles such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Amadeus, Alan Swann in My Favourite Year, and later, King Arthur in Spamalot.

Curry's roles, while extremely varied in character types, are all marked with his bright presence. Some of his other memorable work includes playing Wadsworth in the comedic adventure-mystery Clue.

If playing a mad scientist or a hilarious butler wasn't enough, he also played the nightmare-inducing Pennywise in the 1990 TV movie It. His work in the role can be to blame for singlehandedly triggering the fear of clowns in generations.

He also took on the daunting role of playing Gomez Addams in the 1998 TV movie Addams Family Reunion after the untimely death of Raúl Juliá.

Younger audiences might recognize him as everyone's favorite eccentric nature-loving dad, Nigel Thornberry!

Also known as the character who launched a thousand Disney mashup GIFs:

Congratulations, Tim Curry! As a man of a truly unparalleled talent, I hope you're around to entertain us for many, many more years.

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