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There's been a ton of rumors circling around the Star Wars franchise regarding both their episodic and anthology adventures. Rumors like, is Max von Snydow playing an old Kanan Jarrus in '[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)', is Sabine going to get her own adventure in one of the Anthology movies, and is that orange colored hand in the trailer that of Ahsoka Tano (who is both in 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' and 'Star Wars Rebels')

Whose mysterious hand is that?
Whose mysterious hand is that?

Lots of rumors, but for now, that's all they seem to be. No casting news is out there that really supports any of these characters showing up in any of these movies. Does that mean there won't be an appearance from anyone? No. It just means that nothing's confirmed and at this point, it's all just wishful thinking.

But what is so appealing about dwelling on these appearances from Rebels characters possibly showing up in live-action installments later on? Well, it's because this is a completely new area of Star Wars which has created/recycled ideas that have resulted in these amazing characters that both children and adults are becoming emotionally attached to.

With all that in mind, I wanted to venture on to what a live-action 'Star Wars: Rebels' series just might look like. With all these Star Wars characters having connections to different forms of entertainment (books, movies, tv, etc.), why not put some thought into this right?

Live Casting of 'Star Wars: Rebels'

Well, let's move along and check out who I'd cast for each of these amazing 'Star Wars: Rebels' characters.

1. Ezra Bridger

Looking at a character like Ezra Bridger, you need someone who is sort of a runt. You need someone who could possibly pull off both his fun, playful side, as well as his deeply hurt, emotional side. I think that none other than Spider-Man favorite, Asa Butterfield, would be perfect for the role:

Asa has experience in the sci-fi department having played Ender in 'Ender's Game'. He's a great actor and I think has shown a great deal of range for someone so young by playing in movies like 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas' and 'Hugo'. He's got leading star power and as one of the main focuses of 'Star Wars: Rebels', that sort of attention-drawing power is needed.

2. Kanan Jarrus

Kanan Jarrus has been described as the "cowboy-jedi". Basically if you took a Han Solo type of character and gave him a Jedi background, you'd end up with Kanan Jarrus. Whoever plays Kanan needs to be able to tap into his wide array of emotions due to his traumatic origin while simultaneously using that smart-mouthed wit one often uses to cover up their feelings. I think that the perfect actor (and I got this idea while reading about Kanan in the book Star Wars: A New Dawn) would be 'American Sniper' actor, Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper is charming, cool, and just well-rounded as an actor. He's played in every style of film from action to comedy to drama to scifi; it would seem there's no end to what this man can do and where he can go. I think that he would be a great actor to have in a Star Wars franchise and would play the part of Kanan very, very well.

3. Hera Syndulla

Another vital part to the show is Hera. Hera is the heart of the show for me. She was also the heart of the book Star Wars: A New Dawn; she's a character who's always rational and also always sympathetic. She feels the hurt of those around her, she feels the weight of the entire Rebellion on her shoulders at times. If it wasn't for Hera, no one would be on the Ghost flying around the universe with her, at least not an ex-Jedi like Kanan or wannabe-Jedi like Ezra. So, when casting Ezra, you need someone who can show all those qualities. I chose 'Daredevil' actress Rosario Dawson for the role.

Rosario Dawson seems like she could pull off that comforting spirit that the team would need when things get hard and I also think that she could provide an interesting (in a good way) chemistry with Bradley Cooper as Kanan Jarrus. I feel that Rosario also could nail the look of Hera as well.

4. Zeb Orrelios

Zeb is actually designed like the original concept art of Chewbacca from a long time ago. That has nothing to do with his casting, it was just a fun fact that not everyone is familiar with just yet. But Zeb is the muscle, no doubt. He's also a large part of the humor as this mature adult often finds himself at odds with the young Ezra. He provides comic relief on top of being awesome when he needs to be. So I got to thinking about who would be good at being both a kick-butt power-house while simultaneously having fun with role and providing some laughs? Well, this was a hard choice for me to put down. Not that I weighed a lot of options or anything, but this actor sprung to mind first and it just seem to click. I just don't typically like fan-casting him as anything because so many people already know him as "Wolverine".

That's right, Hugh Jackman himself. I've often fan-casted many different comic book or video game roles and I either deliberately strayed away from casting Hugh Jackman just because he's too iconic in his role as Wolverine in the X-Men films. But here, it just works. No matter who played the role of Zeb, they would have to be decked out in make-up and prosthetics while wearing some for of stilts probably. So I didn't worry about finding an actor who is gigantic, I just need someone who could be beastly at times and we've all seen Hugh get pretty scary. But he's also a fun-loving actor who enjoys his work. I would very much like to see him in the Star Wars franchise.

5. Sabine Wren

Now, Sabine is a great character although they haven't exactly expounded on her history as they may have the other cast members. But she's definitely spunky and although she may have a soft side hidden under her harded facade, she doesn't ever let it show. I like how they're playing her up as being a potential love-interest for Ezra, perhaps when they're older things will start moving forward for the two. But it was very difficult to find someone to play Sabine. I had to choose based after appearance alone (which I hate doing). So, even though I haven't watched anything with this particular actress in it, I've chosen Victoria Justice.

Victoria Justice has an exotic look to her as Sabine would need that considering she obviously isn't just a white character with funky-colored hair. I haven't seen anything with Victoria Justice in it so, like I said above, I casted her without knowing a whole lot about her acting credentials. However, Star Wars has shown itself to be the beginning for a lot of actors and actresses. Without Star Wars, would Harrison Ford made as big as he did? Now, Victoria Justice is pretty popular for her age, but having an appearance as a Star Wars character would almost guaruntee her openings for future films. Plus, she's only two years older than Asa, so it wouldn't be that weird if they ended up having a relationship on-screen.

Casting the Villains

Did you think I was just going to cast the heroes of Rebels? Nope, there are still two actors that need to be cast for the villains in this fan-cast.

1. The Inquisitor

Although not a Sith, like his red lightsaber would have you believe, the Inquisitor is a dangerous villain who enjoys nothing more than hunting down Jedi like Kanan. He provides a silent strength when in the company of his superiors, ready to act when directed, but when facing his enemies, you can see his wily, mischievous side come through. There's no one, in my mind, who does wily villains better than Tom Hiddleston.

The man who brought life to Loki in 'Thor' and 'The Avengers', Tom is no stranger to being creepy or being weird. He's also a rather tall man, standing at a full 6 feet and two inches. He's presence would be frightful to have as this vile villain. No doubt Tom would have fun with the role as well, as he seems to with everything he plays.

2. Agent Kallus

Now, Agent Kallus may seem insignificant to some, but he's actually a pretty cool character who I hope to discover more about him as time goes on. If you are questioning his importance, you can check out the spoiler beneath:

Agent Kallus actually is still featured in promos for Season 2 and it was the Inquisitor who died at the end of season one.

So someone strong and commanding needs to take up the role of Agent Kallus and ever since I laid eyes on him, I knew it could be none other than 'The Lord of the Rings' actor, Sean Bean.

Sean Bean is another one of those actors who I've always felt needed to make appearance in the Star Wars universe. I think he would be well fitted and well founded to play Agent Kallus and it would be fun to seem him go toe-to-toe with Hugh Jackman's Zeb.


Well, there you have it. If I were in charge of putting together a live-action 'Star Wars: Rebels' movie or series, this is what the cast would look like for the most part. It's fun thinking about characters like this because it's pretty much a blank canvas, there's hardly any right or wrong answers for who you'd cast. With that in mind, go ahead and tell me who you'd cast in a live action 'Star Wars: Rebels' and let me know what you thought of my cast.

If you like this casting, you should go ahead and check out some of my other articles regarding Star Wars movies, rumors, and castings. There's also a fun little article in there that's a "what-if" for the original Star Wars cast. Check them out!

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