ByNatascha Juszczak, writer at
I am just another fan of horror, thriller and scary movies, my favourites are the Insidious films, Friday the 13th and loads more!
Natascha Juszczak

I love the insidious movies. I thought the first film was a one off but when I heard about the second one I just had to watch it. With movies, sometimes the first one can be a lot better than the rest but with Insidious they kept getting better and better which I really did not expect. Insidious 2, I absolutely loved! I even cried at the ending which is very rare for me to cry at horror films! Then the third movie came out recently and again I had to go see it, Insidious 3 was the first scary movie I had seen in the cinema (I had turned 15, 5 months ago) and it was amazing! I forced myself to watch the creepy bits and I remember sitting in the cinema and thinking "something will pop up at this scene" but it didn't I thought I could predict what was going to happen like every other scary movie but I couldn't it was that good! Comedy is used more in the third movie than the other two because there is more tension so they have to release it through the use of comedy. Overall the movies are so so good and if you haven't watched them you have to! IN ORDER! The 3 films are linked slightly so go and watch them!


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