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Christina Nguyen

The community finale was so utterly precious, embodying qualities of cynicism, glee, meta-ness, outrageous and craziness so fitting to the characters of the show. In the time of disappointing finales, i.e. HIMYM and Lost, Community's finale was so intimate and Abed-meta heavy that it drew me in, making my heart melt, sing and burst interchangeably within a 24 minute timeframe.

The 7th season scenarios are so telling of the distinguishable characteristics of each character, by being both hilarious and consciously significant. It was nice to see the growth ( or lack there of) of each character. Just to do a quick run through; Annie and Abed leaving was a nice conclusion to season 6. And Britta owns a bar now? How did that happend? Britta's character went downhill since the pilot though. Jeff and Annie's kiss was innocent enough but still a strange combination; however, their dynamic made a lot of sense. Jeff clinging to his youthful days through Annie and Annie trying to mature beyond her years through Jeff. It was their differences that made them such an odd but interesting pair but in the end, they were not the end game.

It was nice to see that the end game was not any couple or a triumph for any one character but it was the sense of community in the group. That was the end game. As a bid farewell for now, the show has gracefully finished on a high, being well-written and wonderfully acted, the finale has left the audience wishing for more.

Best Moments:

- Jeff choking a full room of abiding Abeds.

- Maybe. Probably. Maybe. (Everytime)

- Random third black guy on the stool in the corner that never broke eye contact with the camera man.

- SHIRLEY!!!!!!

- the "" made me audibly AWE at the end.


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