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This is so close to the game it is uncanny. GTA 5 brought to life in Los Angeles.

Although not the most original of concepts, the team behind this video have absolutely nailed it. GTA has been reenacted several times in the past but none as true to form as this video.

GTA - Real Life
GTA - Real Life

The team at Corridor Digital have pulled out all the stops to represent the game in real life to almost perfect standards. They have even used some of the iconic locales in LA that inspired Rockstar's Los Santos.

The camera angles are what set this reenactment apart from the competition, The camera is always fighting to keep the character in perfect third person centre. The sound effects and comments from the passers by are brilliant as well as the main characters movements. The actor from Corridor Digital has nailed down the GTA swagga.

If you were gonna make a GTA video what would you do? Dis these guys miss a trick?

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