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Well we got some good/mediocre movies this year,even though we are only through 5 months and there are lots(meh) of movies comin up. Most notable(eh these caught my eye) are without a doubt Avengers: Age of Ultron and Furious 7! For an action lover like me these two were gold. But between these two. Which is the better? I expected a lot more than what i got from Marvel with the Superflick. The movie didn't feel like at was too less ummm..violent. Don't get me wrong here its awesome and all but the plot got a bit predictable and uninteresting. Hell i got last row 3D tickets on the 2nd day at the theater. So that has to indicate the end i can say that the first movie was way better. Now to Furious was like seeing an old friend after a long ass time. It was the usual Dom badass...O'Connor chaos..Roman stupidity..Hobbs awesomeness. But the best part was Statham. He rocked. It was awesome too. Epic Stunts..that tribute...corny jokes.. girls and sweet rides. I felt i got what I paid for here. Was harder getting tickets here. Well the only movie in my book from 2015 upto now is Furious 7 . I have my views on this..what im looking forward to is deadpool (who isn't?) and BvS: Dawn of Justice. I wanna see if DC can give me the best superhero movie in recent times..or will Wade Wilson snatch that up....Well i seriously hope the Minions can cheer me up after this Avengers disappointment..


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