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Welcome to the second installment of my Battle Arena series, where I pit 2 characters from the depths of fiction in a one on one encounter to see who is supreme.

Our fighters today are

Cain Marko aka The Juggernaut

Cain Marko was a jealous brother, envying his step brother Charles Xavier due to him getting his father's attention. Cain beat Charles and abused him, but once they decided to join the military, Cain discovered an ancient ruby in the Temple of Cyttorak, transforming him into the behemoth known as The Juggernaut.


  • Limitless Strength. The ruby that transformed him into the Juggernaut gave him strength that allows him to go toe to toe with The Hulk and Thor. He has shown no true limit to his strength and is said to have virtually limitless strength.
  • Unstoppable Momentum. Once Juggernaut starts running, there's no stopping him. The only time somebody was able to stop his running with pure strength was with War Hulk, whose powers had been enhanced tremendously by Apocalypse. Other than that, whatever is in Juggernaut's path, is getting mowed over by Juggs.
  • Immense durability. The ruby provides Juggernaut with immense durability, allowing him to tank blows from World War Hulk and dish them back. Juggernaut is also given personal force fields from the ruby as well, furthering his protection, and so far one of the few things able to pierce his force fields is either tremendous brute strength, or mystical items, like Thor's Hammer Mjolnir.
  • Healing factor. If his incredible durability doesn't work, Juggernaut also has his healing factor to fall back on. His healing factor is immense, allowing him to survive and regenerate after having been burnt to a skeleton.
  • Slight combat skills. Having served time in the war, Juggernaut has a small degree of hand to hand combat.

Now lets look at our second combatant!


A kryptonian science experiment, Doomsday was created in order to create a monster that could survive anything, and he succeeded. This monster is infamous to the world as being the being that managed to complete the task that no one else could. Kill Superman.


  • Super strength. Doomsday's strength is incredible. He has been able to trade blows with the likes of Superman and even Darkseid. His strength is incredible, which is one of the reasons Superman pees his pants every time his name is mentioned (jk xD he probably does tho :/)
  • Super speed. His reflexes and speed are surprisingly fast, despite him being so bulky. he has been able to catch The Flash while he was running. That, plus he was able to land many hits on Superman, who is known for his speed as well, he is quite fast.
  • Immense durability. His durability is incredible as well. He has been able to survive a direct blow from Darkseid's Omega Beam, which has been said to have the ability to destroy anything in its path, with the exception of Doomsday and Superman.
  • Healing factor. His genetics has given him a healing factor that allows him to heal from injuries within moments. Having been sliced by a plasma sword and healed from the attack instantaneously, this proves that Doomsday has quite the healing factor.
  • Now this is one of his most know abilities. His Adaptation/Evolution abilities. Due to the science experiments done on him on Krypton, his body has been designed to be able to adapt to resist any kind of damage, like blocking his ear canals to withstand high sonic frequencies. Now if his adapting doesn't work, and an enemy succeeds in killing Doomsday, he will revive himself and have evolved to be immune to the cause of his death. Say if he was burned alive, he will come back immune to fire. If he drowned, he will come back with gills or something. It's a really interesting ability and I love it.

Alright, now we have seen the skills and abilities these characters bring to the table, lets determine the outcome


Fighting Simulation:

(Many screams are heard in the distance as burning buildings and police vehicles are seen speeding towards the source of the destruction. The Juggernaut is seen throwing cars around like they’re nothing.)

Juggernaut: Come on now! I want everything you’ve got!

(Juggernaut runs and kicks a car into one of the arriving police cruisers, resulting in a big crash. Juggernaut laughs and continues to assault the city. Many police officers fire their guns at him, but to no avail as they simply deflect off his skin and armor. Juggernaut smirks and claps his hands, creating a huge shockwave that blows them away. This leads to Juggernaut laughing as he runs and rams into a police cars, causing it to explode. Juggernaut grabs the burning vehicle and swings it around, throwing it into a building.)


(Juggernaut smashes his fists against the ground with immense force, creating a shockwave into the ground. The ground then continues to shake, confusing Juggernaut.)

Juggernaut: What the bloody hell?

(The ground slowly begins to crack open, furthering Juggernaut’s confusion. The ground then bursts open, revealing a large grey figure flying into the sky, which crashes down onto Juggernaut. Juggernaut looks at the figure, revealing Doomsday, who has been awoken by Juggernaut’s assault.)

Juggernaut: You better not disappoint.

(Doomsday roars and continuously punches Juggernaut in the face. Juggernaut then catches Doomsday’s fist and begins to slowly crush it. Juggernaut smirks, only to realize the struggle he is having trying to crush his fist. Doomsday roars and hooks Juggernaut with his free hand. Juggernaut grabs Doomsday and throws the monster off him, allowing Juggernaut to get up. Juggernaut looks forward and is rammed into by Doomsday, who attempts to push Juggernaut back, but Juggernaut holds his ground. Juggernaut punches Doomsday in the gut, then left hooks him in the face, knocking Doomsday onto the ground. Doomsday quickly turns around and throws a punch at Juggernaut, hitting him in the face. This allows Doomsday to punch Juggernaut with an onslaught of punches, hitting him in the face and chest over and over again. This slowly pushes Juggernaut back, only for Juggernaut to headbutt Doomsday in the face, knocking Doomsday onto the ground. Juggernaut grabs Doomsday’s leg and swings him into a building. Doomsday slowly gets up and sees Juggernaut running at him with immense speed. Doomsday runs towards Juggernaut as well, and to two clash, with Juggernaut easily overpowering Doomsday due to his unstoppable momentum. Juggernaut rams Doomsday through multiple buildings, then punches him into the ground.)

Juggernaut: Done, buddy?

(Doomsday roars and turns around towards Juggernaut, uppercutting him. This knocks Juggernaut in the face, causing him to fall onto the ground. Juggernaut slowly gets up, only to get punched back into the ground by Doomsday. Doomsday begins to rapidly punch Juggernaut in the face over and over again. This however does not affect Juggernaut, who slams his hands into Doomsday’s head, stunning him. This allows Juggernaut to punch Doomsday off him and then ram his shoulder into the monster, knocking Doomsday onto the ground. Juggernaut smashes both of his fists onto Doomsday, intending to crush his internal organs, only for Doomsday to roll onto his feet and throw a punch at Juggernaut’s face. Juggernaut kicks Doomsday into a building, only for Doomsday to leap high into the sky. Juggernaut looks up.)

Juggernaut: Show off.

(Doomsday descends back down, smashing into Juggernaut, leading to both of them crashing into the Earth. This leads them into the sewers, where Juggernaut punches Doomsday’s head into a wall. Doomsday kicks Juggernaut away, then throws 2 quick punches, hitting Juggernaut successfully. Juggernaut smashes his fists together into Doomsday’s head, only for Doomsday to lean back, avoiding the hit, allowing Doomsday to run and tackle Juggernaut onto the ground. Juggernaut quickly gets up and rams into Doomsday once more, crashing him through multiple sections of the sewers and leading him into the subway system. Juggernaut stops himself and kicks Doomsday into multiple pillars, only for Doomsday to jump up and lunge at Juggernaut, grabbing his head and throwing him into the ground. Juggernaut rises up, smashing his head into Doomsday’s chin, knocking Doomsday into the air, hitting the ceiling, and as he falls down, Juggernaut rams into him, sending him flying into a wall. Juggernaut runs into Doomsday, who steps out of the way and punches Juggernaut in the gut. Juggernaut smirks and grabs Doomsday’s arm, swinging him around the subway system. Juggernaut then runs at Doomsday, throws a punch into Juggernaut’s face. This however leads to Juggernaut stills crashing Doomsday into a wall and into another section of the subway system. Juggernaut begins to pound on Doomsday, who kicks Juggernaut in the groin with immense force. Doomsday then spins around and punches Juggernaut in the face with enough force to knock him back. Juggernaut throws a few punches at Doomsday, who dodges the punches and lands his own.)

Juggernaut: You’re starting to piss me off.

(Doomsday roars and sends his 2 fists flying up into Juggernaut’s face, sending him flying into the sky onto the railroad. Juggernaut gets up, only to get smashed into a wall by Doomsday. They being trading blows with one another, both of them enduring the other’s blows. Doomsday headbutts Juggernaut, while Juggernaut slams his fists into Doomsday’s sides. Doomsday quickly punches Juggernaut, only for Juggernaut to grab Doomsday and lift him up in the air, allowing him to smash him down into the ground headfirst, shattering the floor. Doomsday kicks Juggernaut, then right hooks him onto the ground. Doomsday runs at Juggernaut, who is getting up, only for both of them to get hit by an oncoming train. Thier immense durability results in the train getting derailed as it fails to move Doomsday and Juggernaut. The train begins to destroy multiple pillars, resulting in the subway system to collapse onto Juggernaut and Doomsday. The city is seen in flames and destruction, showing a giant crater in the ground full of debris due to the subway collapsing. The pile of debris begins to shake, only for Doomsday to emerge from the rubble. Doomsday roars, and is about to jump away, only for Juggernaut’s hand to grab his foot, causing Doomsday to fall down. Juggernaut emerges from the rubble and begins to pound on Doomsday, who kicks Juggernaut in the face and smashes his head down into the ground. Doomsday begins to beat down on Juggernaut, punching him with as much strength as he can. This slowly results in his armor and helmet cracking. Juggernaut stares in shock as Doomsday continues his assault. Doomsday then grabs Juggernaut, swings him around, and throws him into a semi truck down the street. Juggernaut sits down, but gets up, only to get rammed back down by Doomsday. Doomsday roars and as continues to pound on Juggernaut. Doomsday then stands over Juggernaut victorious. He turns around and is about to jump away.)

Juggernaut: Do you know who I am?

(Doomsday turns around, and prepares to continue his assault, only for Juggernaut to get up.)


(Juggernaut runs towards Doomsday, who runs towards Juggernaut. Juggernaut smashes into Doomsday and crashes him through many skyscrapers with enough force that results in the buildings collapsing. Juggernaut continues to ram Doomsday throughout the city. Doomsday smashes his fists down onto Juggernaut in an attempt to stop him, but to no avail. Juggernaut then grasps his hands onto Doomsday and spins around, smashing him into the ground with tremendous force. Doomsday kicks Juggernaut back and throws a punch at him, only for Juggernaut to counter with his own fist, resulting in a huge shockwave that shakes a large portion of the city. Juggernaut smashes his fist down onto Doomsday and continues to beat him to a pulp. Juggernaut steps onto Doomsday’s chest and continuously punches him in the face with all his might. Juggernaut then raises his fists and smashes them down onto Doomsday’s face. Doomsday stays there motionless, only for juggernaut to continue to beat down Doomsday, punching him over and over again, non stop. Juggernaut then stops and steps off Doomsday, who slightly moves, resulting in Juggernaut smashing his fist onto Doomsday’s chest one more time with immense force.)

Winner = Juggernaut

Reason: God this match was close. This could’ve gone either way so easily. Both of these characters are immensely powerful. There strength rivals that of some of the most physically powerful characters in their respective universes. Juggernaut fights against Hulk on a weekly basis and sometimes comes out the victor. Same goes for Doomsday and Superman. But lets get to where these characters differentiate from one another. Doomsday has the edge in speed over Juggs. He has been able to keep up with Superman and The Flash in terms of fighting speed, both of these characters being known for their immense speed. Now that’s quite impressive, something Juggernaut has been shown being capable of in terms of speed. Now both of these characters are equal in terms of durability based on my research, both being able to withstand tremendous amounts of force and either be unfazed by it, or heal from it in a matter of moments. Now Juggernaut has his armor and force field around him that gives him his durability, while Doomsday has his physical anatomy, evolving to different attacks and becoming immune to certain attacks after dying and coming back. But one thing that proves to be an unavoidable cause of death or defeat, is brute physical strength. Even after getting killed by Superman through brute strength, he continues to get beaten by him through the same way, proving that enough physical strength can be enough to take him out. Now the same could be said for Juggernaut, who can get his ass handed to him by powerhouses, like The Hulk for example, but Juggernaut is superior in strength compared to Doomsday, only slightly. Doomsday’s strength has limits, as shown when he was restrained multiple times, while Juggernaut’s is virtually limitless. This proves that Juggernaut has the superiority in strength, meaning that if the 2 fought, and delivered the same amount of blows, Juggs would do more damage to Doomsday before Doomsday can deliver the same amount of damage to Juggernaut. And while Doomsday may be superior in speed, Juggernaut is superior in intelligence. Doomsday is basically an animal, he has no intellect or strategy, he goes by instinct and rage. This means he has no fighting skill as well, unlike Juggs, who is a military veteran. Doomsday’s lack of intelligence plus with his slightly inferior strength will lead to his demise, but only slightly.


John 117
John 117


A Xenomorph's worst nightmare
A Xenomorph's worst nightmare

I hope you guys enjoyed this, i'll post an update letting you know when the next Battle Arena will be posted, Thank you all who are reading these, you're awesome. :)


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