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Dead Story is an independent horror feature film. It's set to be released sometime near Halloween of this year. It's written by Bruce Durbin and Suneel Tripuraneni. It's also directed by Suneel who has worked on several shorts, music videos, and feature films as well.

This film originates way back in time in the early 1900s. At a Texas ranch a bride murdered her groom. A few years later more tragedy struck at that same ranch. Dead Story now shows a new couple that moves into the ranch years later in 2014. On their first night in the house, their friends/neighbors tell them the story of the ranch home. The story is a DEAD STORY because you are guaranteed to wind up dead at the end of the story in comparison to a ghost story that will just scare you. Days after the story is told, the new couple determines for themselves if the DEAD STORY is real or not.

Dead Story is starring Kelsey Deanne and Chase Austin. They are both fresh faces when it comes to the big screen. Therefore I'm really excited to see what they bring to the table, and how they embody their characters. Jessica Willis from Cypress Creek, The Ouija Experiment 2, and Germaphobia will also be in Dead Story. Along with Sheril Rodgers from the Sacrament, and Suneel Tripuraneni as well has a supporting part in the film.

The film trailer alone makes me quite excited to see what this film has in story. As a dedicated horror fan, I've seen my fair share of ghost/ paranormal films. However I'm know there's a twist with this movie. Simply because of the fact that there's some doubt that this story is real or not. All ghost stories are either real or not, you either believe it or not. However it's usually an audience perspective. Dead Story has the characters going back an forth on whether it's their reality or not. Which is refreshing alone, and sure to cause a suspenseful twist.

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