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A pet peeve of mine when it comes to films is that, I think that when sequels are titled with just a number added to the end of it? It is just lazy. I've always liked when movies have a subtitle to give just an extra boost of coolness or have a completely different title.

So I'm here to look back at sequels/prequels and maybe give them better names.

The Thing (2011) was a prequel to the fantastic 1982 sci-fi horror film called...The Thing.

Yeah...the title for this prequel absolutely sucks. I mean who thought labeling the prequel the exact same thing was a good idea? Personally, if I were to choose the title for this movie I would have gone with something that is the main source of the fear in these movies.

The Thing: Isolation

Another title I would have gone with was the Thing: Paranoia but I felt that I Isolation sounded better.

Who doesn't love Rocky III? Rocky Balboa is back and he has to be trained by Apollo Creed to take on the ruthless Clubber Lang played by Mister T! WOOO! Hype to the max with this one whenever I see it. However, I do feel like their needs to be an alternate title to this one.

True I could pick an alternate title for Rocky II since that isn't a very impressive title either. I would call that one Rocky's Return (cliche I know) but for the third one, I would give it the title that it deserves.

Rocky III: Eye of the Tiger

Survivor's Eye of the Tiger is practically the main theme for the whole franchise but it didn't come until the third (and best i my opinion) installment of the franchise. So I guess it fits better here.

Blade II in my opinion was the best of the trilogy. Visually stunning, amazing action, Wesley Snipes is amazing, and Jared Nomak is one of the best baddies ever. Guillermo Del Toro really was the best choice to direct the sequel but once again: numeric titles are boring.

Time to give a new title! Here I decided to have a more simplisitic title with:

Blade II: Daywalker

The other title I had in mind was "Scourge of the Reapers" but that one just sounded too much like something out of an epic fantasty movie so I went with Daywalker.

While it is true that in other countries, this movie was titled as The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro and that is a decent title. However for us in the U.S.A. we were stuck with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and from the very beginning I hated that title because:

1. The original Spider-Man sequel was just called Spider-Man 2
2. what's worse than Roman Numeral titling? Regular nuremic titling!

Whenever I see a sequel marked as "2" it drives me nuts because that is so lazy to me. At least I can somewhat put up with Roman Numerals because they can look kind of cool but sound lazy. This is one I definitely have to change.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Secrets

The movie is about Peter Parker uncovering all the secrets of his parents, OsCorp, and more. So it would be a fitting title.

Most of you know by now that I was not happy with either sequel to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins. I thought that they were boring, soulless shells of what Batman should be. However, I did like the difference in title between the first and second movies. When people heard about a THIRD movie coming out, a lot of people wondered what cool title Nolan would give us. Some suggested "Gotham City" or "The Gotham Knight" which I was all for and what did we get? The Dark Knight Rises.......weaaaaaaak. I can describe the movie the same way.

Okay yes, the word "rise" can be very epic sounding but Hollywood seems to be using it WAY too much that it's becoming meh. My own title for Nolan's third Batman movie is:

The Caped Crusader

Despite my feelings about this movie, I think that this would have been the superior title. Maybe Ben Affleck's solo Batman will have that title.

Personally I think Alien 3 is underrated. Is it my favorite of the franchise? Nah but I think it's a strong conclusion to the trilogy. Yes, the beginning with Newt and Hicks dying sucks but once you get passed that, the movie really does improve. However once again, poor titling strikes.

For some reason, the filmmakers decided to label the movie as "Alien To the Third Power" which never looked right to me despite the lazy title. This one was hard to come up with an alternate title but I finally came up with:

Alien: Confinement

This whole movie is about Ripley and a bunch of men stuck in a prison on a hazardous planet. Figured it would be the best title for it.

For the final movie on this list, let's go to the other famous monster from 20th Century Fox: the Predator. 1984's Predator and 2010's Predators are two of my favorite movies ever made. Great tension, cool character, amazing atmosphere, perfect action, and just amazing concepts for this alien hunter race. In 1991, we did receive Predator 2...which did suck.

I liked the idea of a Predator in the city but wow this movie sucked in comparison to the first one. So I'm going to try get one good thing out of it and create a decent title for it and give tribute to a really good game based off the Predator franchise

Predator 2: Concrete Jungle

When I first played the game Predator: Concrete Jungle I thought the name was brilliant. I recommend you play it if you are interested in a sandbox Predator game. It was sure as hell better than Predator 2.

So those are my alternate titles for these sequels. What are your thoughts on "numeric titles?" Do you think they are lazy or do you not mind them? Also tell me your thoughts on my titles. Also let me know of any other alternate titles for sequels or prequels that you have in mind. Put it all down in the comments below!


Which of these alternate titles were your favorite?


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