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1. The BOOKWORM students
These are the ones you'll always find reading some or the other stuffs. Like -ALWAYS! While eating - *reading* , while hanging out with friends -*reading*. Their favorite past time is reading. In fact the one minute break you get when the teacher is out (YAYYY! PARTY) , you'll still find them reading books. And yess,you do get motivated seeing them sometimes..but end up getting into your normal lives.

2. The WANNA-BE-NERD students
These are the students who think they are really smart and nerdy(obviously they aren't). They try to prove this all the damn time,which at times really get annoying. The students, who mug up all the answers and show off in front of teacher and other students, are also included in this.
Off-course they try to show us all that they are the REAL MASTERS,but they end up getting grace marks or even WORSE.

3. The ALL ROUNDER student
No,not in a positive way. These are the students who comes to school to do EVERYTHING except for studying. Music?*I am IN* Dance?*I am IN* Cheerleading?*Why not*.. How about some studies? *Naah..not my cup of tea..duh!*

Face they make when asked to do any such activities
Face they make when asked to do any such activities
And the moment they are asked to study they're like
And the moment they are asked to study they're like

4. The FAMOUS BUT DUMB student
He/She is the one with too many followers on the social sites,has thousand likes and comments on every pic. They look glamorous,hot,and stunning in every pics. They are your role model until you meet them in person. The moment you meet them you realize that they have an I.Q. level less than that of a potato. Also those stunning pics were just the magic of filters. They aren't even treated like any celeb in fact they are as normal as everyone. And all of a sudden when you realize this you are like :

This one is the hottest person in the class whose presence in the class never allows your mind to concentrate.And the hardest thing is to concentrate on your actions when they look you or are around you;you completely forget what you were talking about or start doing strange things.

2+2= umm...5 i guess?
2+2= umm...5 i guess?


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