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Infinity war has wrapped up, Civil war ended civilly, Guardians back to guarding the galaxy. Spiderman, Fantastic Four and X-Men returned to the MCU fold.

Zoom in on a fractured planet, Iron Man breaking the sound barrier over an alien landscape, audience expecting Tony Stark, the camera transitions to interior helmet view to see James Rhodey Rhodes, commenting on the apocalyptic destruction.

Clearly the landscape torn up from a fierce Super Human battle, Rhodey sees movement under some rubble, swoops down snatching Hawkeye’s bruised body up and flying off. “Got him, Returning To Unit” is all Rhodey says.

Transition to the inside of a futuristic bunker, earths top shelf heroes in varying states of injury convalescing, Heroes with medical training attending to the wounded.

Ben Grim makes a joke “You should see the other guys”

A few wounded laughs,

Camera pans away to a back room, Thor walking out in a pristine new uniform, Spidey in torn red and blue rags asks “Where’s the Walmart?” Thor just points back the way he came with Mjolnir, Spidey finds laboratory looking room, an organic black ball in suspended animation, he touches the ball, and the material winds, crawls and undulates its way up his arm, replacing shredded red and blue, with brand new iconic Black Spidey suit with a white spider.

Typical Spiderman joke about a quick change, and fade to black, but with a flash of Venom's Iconic toothed maw, and prehensile tongue…

Either use, Secret War, or Groundwork for Venom Movie.


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