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If you're not sure why you clicked on this, I'd say you're lying. I mean, come on:
Shia LeBeouf is currently trending right now because he delivered one of the most inspirational videos I have ever watched even though it was more comical than serious. Or maybe it was both. Okay, I couldn't stop giggling after watching it a couple times but still. But then I paid more attention to what he was saying and it hit me: this is one of the most inspirational things anyone could have ever said. I need to "JUST DO IT" rather than keep pushing my goals aside.

Then the internet happened and suddenly, there are many videos out there already parodying Shia's video and considering he is standing right in front of a green screen, I'd say he is one of the smartest celebrities alive because it's like he knew this would blow up all over the internet. And damn it, he was right.

So I will be sharing with you my top five videos of Shia LeBeouf "Just Do-ing It"!

5. Dave Days

If you're looking for a song that involves Shia Lebeouf actually "singing", I'd say you've come to the right place. YouTube Singing Sensation Dave Days just created this video and I swear, it's pretty catchy and very inspirational!

4. Goku Gets a Little Motivation

Uploaded by mrJoelVFX on his channel, i swear that this is the most creative video ever edited that involves some DragonballZ! Even Goku needs a little motivation sometimes.

3. Batman VS Shia LeBeouf: Dawn of DO IT

Okay seriously, give this guy a medal. Batman definitely needs a good kick to defeat Superman! I mean, JUST DO IT. Joey Danger did and it ended with this video!

2. SPOILER ALERT: Snape kills Dumbledore with Shia's help

Yeah, title says it all. I think Shia ruined this part for me. Thanks Obama.

1. Shia LeBeouf is SONGIFIED!!!

Seriously, where can I buy this on iTunes?! One of the most viewed Shia video's on YouTube, YouTube Channel Schmoyoho definitely takes the cake with this hit single.

So which was your favorite video? See a video that you love that wasn't listed? Feel free to leave it in the comments below!


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