ByDavid Hadzimihalis, writer at
I'm into Sci-fi, Doctor Who, Star Wars, a little bit Trekkie, but swarming in it.

The Last Airbender movie had too many things wrong with it. One, the pronounciations of names of characters like Ang sounding like Aňg, Sokka like Sooka, but Kitara, sounded properly. Two, Fire benders could not make fire, but bend it from fires that are already burning. Three, Iro, he wasn't skinny, but a wise, short, fat, balding man, who guided Prince Zuko, in his quest to find the Airbender. Four, Appa, wasn't as dirty looking, but a white, flying, six footed buffalo. He looked like he needed a very good and long bath. Momo wasn't even in the movie. Five, Ang's tattoo, wasn't writing, but a blue arrow from his head and reached to both arms. Lastly, six, the dragon he visited in his dream state, wasn't hidden by smoke, but rather, he was riding it, to show the path of the Avatar, to balance ALL of the benders, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Plus, what happened to Ang riding his airball that he makes for fast travel on land? Or even showing off his juggling airballs in his hand?

Maybe I'm off on a lot of things, but that's what I remember of the movie, compared to the show on Nickelodeon. Next time, get someone who actually WATCHED the show, before you hire someone with a "creative" interpretation of the show.


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