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Some of you might be thinking that this is an entry for the latest Moviepilot contest, but you would be wrong. Originally this post was going to be a contest entry, but I decided that I would have a better chance in the contest if I fan cast the Justice League. However, I had already put a lot of thought into fan casting the Dark Knight trilogy, so I thought I would post it anyways just for giggles. So here we go, my fan cast for the Dark Knight trilogy.

Batman/Bruce Wayne-Karl Urban

I've wanted Karl Urban to be Batman ever since Christian Bale threw in the towel, so of course I would choose him in place of Christian Bale. Urban can play a dark character like nobody's business, and is cheeky enough to play billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. He has the look, he has the talent, and all he would need is the role.

Alfred Pennyworth-John Hurt

John Hurt is the ideal old, wise British man to take on the role of Alfred. I would love nothing more than to see Doctor Who give Batman guidance. (One of them at least)

Commissioner Gordon-Bryan Cranston

Come on, if you give this man a part he can play it. Hands down. Just give him some big glasses and tell him to hunt down Batman and we'll have a perfect Commissioner Gordon.

Lucius Fox-Denzel Washington

While in my opinion no one could do the role of Lucius Fox better than Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington would be able to come the closest. Just like Freeman, Washington has a soothing voice, and the man is able to play anything.

Scarecrow-Adrien Brody

How do I put this lightly.... Adrien Brody looks crazier than crazy. He's tall and lean just like Scarecrow, and he looks like he's absolutely nuts. Honestly, if I ever met Adrien Brody I would be expecting him to murder me. Enough said.

Ra's Al Ghul-Jason Isaacs

Liam Neeson set a very high bar as Batman's trainer, and Jason Isaacs is the only actor whose stage presence can match his. Whenever Isaacs has a scene in a movie, I'm instantly captivated by his acting. Not to mention, he can play a quite infamous villain, shown by the Harry Potter franchise.

Rachel Dawes-Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt was actually considered for the part of Rachel, and would be an amazing supporting actress. I imagine she wouldn't leave the role and cause it to be recast either. (Looking at you Katie Holmes)

Carmine Falcone-Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz would make the perfect crime boss. He has certainly proved that he makes a wonderful villain, as shown by Inglorious Basterds, and even though it's a bit part, Waltz would nail it.

Victor Zsaz-David Tennant

That's right, Victor Zsaz had a little part in Batman Begins. Even though he wasn't a major villain, he still deserves a recast, and who better than David Tennant? Just like Brody, Tennant looks insane, and insane is what Zsaz specializes in. Just imagine him with cuts all over his body and his giant creepy eyes staring directly into your soul. Yeah, he's creepy enough.

The Joker-Willem Dafoe

Moving on to The Dark Knight now. While Willem Dafoe's Joker would more than likely be much different than Heath Ledger's Joker (R.I.P), he's still very Joker worthy. Willem Dafoe is creepy as hell. Look at his smile. That creepy ass smile is defiantly worthy of being on The Joker. And while Heath Ledger's Joker gave us the lovable anarchist that we couldn't live without, Willem Dafoe would give me nightmares. Even with the same script and ideals, his Joker would be ten times creepier.

Two-Face-Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane is used to playing darker characters like The Punisher, and certainly has the look of Gotham's White Knight. While Jane hasn't done anything big in a while, fans would love to see him play a character like Two-Face, because of how much we loved The Punisher. Also Jane's a great actor, lots of talent, blah blah blah.

Bane-Jason Momoa

Yeah, he's Aquaman, I know. But here's the thing, the universes aren't connected. Even if they were, it's a fan cast, and Jason is the only person that could play the part as good as Tom Hardy. Not only is he big and muscular enough, but he's an amazing actor. Momoa is amazing at playing the bad guy you can't entirely hate, such as Bane.

Detective John Blake-Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer is a little older than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but the age difference shouldn't matter that much. Bomer has the look of a detective, and he would make an amazing Robin/Nightwing, even though we won't actually see him become a hero (Damn you Christopher Nolan!).

Selina Kyle/Catwoman-Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde was my favorite pick for Catwoman before Anne Hathaway was cast. (And then my favorite for Wonder Woman, but I won't get into that) Wilde is an amazing action actress, nailing every role she's ever been in, and she could most defiantly pull off being a love interest for Batman.

Talia Al Ghul-Stana Katic

Even though Talia didn't have any major fighting or action scenes in the movie, Katic is the perfect action star to portray her. Her acting skills are over the top, and she looks like Talia Al Ghul. I could give plenty of more reasons why Katic would be the perfect actor if Talia had any major fight scenes in the movie, but she didn't, so I'm just going to have to rely on Katic's acting skills, and not her action skills.

What did you think? Was my fan cast good? Do you have an actor that could play one of these parts better? Let me know in the comments!


Which casting choice do you like best?


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