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All over the internet, people are saying that the "All New, All Different" Marvel Universe is a reboot. Well guess what? It's NOT. It has been confirmed twice now that Marvel is not rebooting their universe, and Marvel's Editor in Chief Axel Alonso (before he outright said it wasn't one) has been severely implying that they are not getting rid of their history. Before we get into what they said, let's recap on what exactly this whole "rebooting because of Disney and the MCU" nonsense is, why Marvel has outright proven it is not true, and why It wouldn't makes sense for them to do so.

So what exactly is Secret Wars? Secret Wars is a comic book event that is the culmination of three and two years respectively of Jonathan Hickman's Avengers and New Avengers. The whole premise was this: in New Avengers, the Illuminati (Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Namor, Black Panther, Charles Xavier, Black Bolt, Stephen "Doctor" Strange, and sometimes Steve Rogers) was trying to stop a multiversal collapse. Something had caused the early death of a universe, and now the alternate Earths were crashing into each other. It always looked something like this:

This was the probably the greatest Avengers story of all time, and was something really special: it questioned morality, right and wrong, and the grey area most people find themselves in. Sometimes, when you have to make a decision there is no truly "right or wrong" answer. The odds are impossible. The stakes are too high. You can't choose what's right and wrong, only what's best. Now, how much harder would a decision like this be if you had to decide if your universe or another one survives. There would be people on this Earth that are just like you. There would be innocent people who wouldn't hurt a fly, and people who just want to live their lives. Would you be willing to make that choice? That is what was so special about this story. So, what happened to the multiverse?

The multiverse is a very important thing to both Marvel and DC. DC is popular for their multiverse stories. Marvel? They've done just as much, but it was never as popular. So anyway, the multiverse is a construct of infinite earths. It may indeed be real in actual real life. Think about it. For every decision you make, there is a universe for where you made a different decision. Now, think about how many decisions you've had to make in your life. A lot, right? So just imagine if there is a universe made for every decision anyone has every made? And what if in our universe you made a decision and another person made another decision, and then there is a universe where you made a different decision and the other person made the same decision, and vice versa, and then a universe where neither of you even exist, because in that universe the parents of you and that other person never had you! It's crazy stuff to think about, isn't it? So, with Marvel's multiverse collapsing, the inevitable happened. Every universe was destroyed, and the main Marvel universe and the Ultimate universe (the universe that The Avengers heavily derives from) crashed into each other. And do you know what happened then?

Doctor Doom Literally Turned The Marvel Multiverse Into Game of Thrones (without all of THAT know what I mean).

Do you want to know more about this? Read Secret Wars! It already seems that it is the best event Marvel has done in years, maybe even the best ever.....

But what is this all about a reboot?

"All New, All Different Marvel" Explained

"All New, All Different" Marvel is a new relaunch (not reboot) that is happening in the Fall of this year. It will take place exactly 8 months after the end of Secret Wars (which ends in September), and will be a completely new direction for Marvel. Now, is it a reboot?

Why "All New Marvel" Is NOT A REBOOT

There are several reasons that Marvel is not rebooting to be like the MCU after Secret Wars:

  • Rage of Ultron, a graphic novel that was released very recently and is a fascinating read, takes place after Secret Wars. Though Marvel would not comment on this and only said "it is important to our future", the book could not take place before Secret Wars because of about one billion continuity errors that would exist because of it. The two biggest ones are that A) Hank Pym (who is one of the main characters and goes through a serious status quo change at the end, though I won't spoil what that is) is Yellowjacket during "Time Runs Out", which takes place DIRECTLY before Secret Wars, and B) Hank Pym was missing for most of Time Runs Out (and the 8 months before the events of that story). This book includes Captain Falcon America, The Female Thor (who needs to stop being hated, because her book is absolutely fantastic, and she was a badass in this graphic novel), and SABRETOOTH (which also confirms that mutants aren't being sent into space because of an Inhuman virus. Yeah, read Bleeding Cool to learn more about that fiasco). This confirms they aren't rebooting, as they reference things that actually happened before in comics, and a reboot erases said history
  • The Free Comic Book Day "All New, All Different Avengers" (who's characters are in the picture above) features Captain Falcon America and the Female Thor, and also references things that happened before Secret Wars. This FCBD issue was released to tease the universe coming after Secret Wars.
  • Marvel said they "don't see their history as something that is needed to fix."
  • And finally: Axel Alonso just confirmed (even though CB Cebulski did this at Emerald Comic Con in March) that it's not a reboot to Comic Book Resources:
"This is not a reboot. We are not erasing our history, or throwing away any old stories; we are building on our history. The Marvel Universe that greets readers in 'All-New, All-Different Marvel' is going to be the Marvel Universe that you know and love -- and recognize -- but it's also going to include some new stuff -- new characters, new places, new things, new artifacts of great importance -- that should make it even more interesting."

So there you have it. Marvel is NOT rebooting so they can be like the MCU. Don't worry, the Fantastic Four characters will still be around: Ben Grimm "The Thing" is on one of the promotional posters, and the Fantastic Four run of Jonathan Hickman was actually the basis for this entire Secret Wars story. And don't worry about the X-Men. Two NEW Wolverines (X-23 and Old Man Logan) are on the promo poster. And the X-Men have about 8 or 9 Secret Wars books (more than even the Avengers have). We should be excited, as Marvel can now tell new and exciting stories in the future. Don't believe what you read on the internet. Everyone is calling it a reboot. That's not the case.

Source: ComicBookResources


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