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Is Stan "The Man" Lee actually this character?

So I was watching an episode of NerdSync Productions on Youtube about who Stan Lee is playing in the Marvel movies

and one about the history of Nick Fury.

And I had this idea. In the second video the host states that the 616 Nick Fury (who is white skinned) has a black son. Even though the movie version is supposed to be based on the 1610 universe Nick Fury which was based on Samuel L. Jackson (if you want to know why watch the 2nd video). Or is he. I think that the 1610 version was just to get Jackson on board of the MCU train, but the he's playing the character from the 161 version Nick Fury Jr.. In this case the MCU Fury could have a white father who doesn't age. What if not like in the comics where Fury Sr. fight's in World War II as a soldier but he is an aged general that we see in Captain America: The First Avenger. In my theory he probably get's injured in a bomb attack or something similar and has to use the Infiniti Formula which stopped him to age. After that he has a son with a black woman. He does this because in the Iron Man movies you can see him as a playboy. Since this is after he gates injected by the Infinity Formula his son gets it inherited. After helping form the SSR which I am positive he did he goes on a journey into space where he gets the power to travel across different dimensions and time. He does this to keep an eye on all the superheroes of the multiverse. In my version only Fury Jr. has one eye. Also I bet that Fury Sr. made sure that Jr. becomes director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Even thou Jr. got the effects of the Infiniti Formula it only started working when he was around 40-45.

So if you haven't guessed my theory states that:

Stan "The Man" Lee is playing Marvel's 161 universe Nick Fury Sr..

P.S. This is my first real article so I wanted to say sorry if You couldn't understand the theory. If you have any questions feel free to comment. This article was heavily based on and inspired by the two videos shown above.


Do you think Stan Lee is playing Nick Fury Sr.?


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