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With a successful end to The Walking Dead's season 5 and filming for season 6 underway, it's no surprise that fans are starting to suffer from inevitable walker withdrawal. But not to worry! We can all take a sigh of relief knowing that the successful zombie show's spin off Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere this Fall in August.

The spin off, whose bland title left much to be desired, caused concern among fans who worried whether or not the show would be able to bring a unique spin to the zombie apocalypse. However, creator Robert Kirkman assured fans that the new series will bring its own unique tone to the chaos. Unlike its big sister series, Fear will take place across the country in metropolitan Los Angeles and takes place during the disorienting onset of the mysterious outbreak.

That being said, Kirkman confirms that we can finally take a break from the woody terrain of the rural eastern United States and say hello to the asphalt roads of L.A.

Los Angeles is such an interesting city in and of itself, just because of the vast melting pot of diversity that California has become. The urban sprawl—it covers a tremendous amount of land, and it’s got an extremely dense population, so there are a lot of things about that that lend itself well to good storytelling in the zombie apocalypse. But also, this is a city where a vast number of people come to the city to reinvent themselves, or they’re new to the city for various different reasons. It’s almost a city of immigrants inside a country of immigrants. So there’s definitely some aspects of that we’ll also be playing with as well...I can [also] say I think we’re not in the woods at all. Yeah, I am pretty sure we are in zero woods this season.

It'll be interesting to see how this new geography will affect both the walkers and the humans as well as the tactics survivors will use to stay alive. While the survivors in the original series often face hordes in the forest, nothing could possibly compare to the dense populations found in cities like L.A. There are fewer places to hide and thousands more threats than ever before. It may be hard to believe, but this new batch of survivors may have it worse than Rick and his gang ever have.

The new series will pick up speed quickly, and although it does take place prior to Rick's escape from the hospital, Fear should not be considered a prequel. The show will portray the initial chaos, confusion, and fear that naturally comes following the onset of an unknown disease, but several episodes will definitively line up with the storyline from season 2 and 3 of the original The Walking Dead.

Look below for official images from the highly, anticipated new show!


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