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I'm taking a break from writing my American Govt I essay to address something that has recently been continuously poping up in my facebook newsfeed. "There's too many superhero movies. They're becoming over saturated," annnd "superhero movies take away from real movies, and real issue. It's dumbing people." <- Those are paraphrased, but you get the gist.

Let's tackle over saturation first.

There's roughly 7 superhero movies coming to theaters in 2016. If one were to put that number up against how many action movies, romantic comedies, comedies, horror, and so on and so on; it would pale in comparison. There's four comedies and nine thrillers in my local theater right now, and ONE super hero film.

Maybe the over saturation comes from more than just the movies themselves. Maybe it's the toys, costumes, conventions, tv spots, comics, advertisements, and so on. Rightfully so, because it sells. At the end of the day, movies, like anything else, are a business. If you're a grocery store that carries pepsi, root beer, and orange soda, and orange soda is selling like crazy; you're going to load you're store with orange soda.

Now let's get to the nitty-gritty of the matter. Superhero films are dumbing us down and taking away from real issues. I started this by saying that I was taking a break from an American Govt I essay to write this. I'm clearly not even checking my grammar, mechanics, or punctuation to do so. Using myself as an example, I've seen every superhero movie and then some, yet I still work 40 hours a week, go to a good school, and I'm not ignorant of ISIS, Bernie Sanders, or how awful the Philies are playing. Superheroes take time away from other things, but is it really worse then getting smashed at the bar on the weekends, or even going bowling. It's entertainment at it's core. If someone wants to dress as Captain America and go hang out with other cosplayers at a convention Friday night through Sunday, whose to say that they're being dumbed down? That's their weekend. That doesn''t mean their ignorant of the rest of the world. Superheroes don't isolate anyone from everything else. It's just a part of ones life.

I read that there are people wasting their time writing the statistics of how strong each hero is and who could beat who in a fight. Is it really that different than knowing how many interceptions Tony Romo threw last season or the season before? I'm not attacking sports either. I'm just using it as an example because it seems more accepted into our culture than superheroes, and clearly by the looks of that Bengals fan, they're not too different.

One last argument before I go back into essay mode! (crying emoji gun pointed at head emoji). Superhero movies DO address real issues! Iron-Man was about an arms dealer whose weapons fell into the wrong hands. Do a google search, you may see America's name pop up. The Winter Soldier... kinda...sorta...reminds me of the NSA. Want introspective? Try a teenager who has no money, his uncle passed away, he loves a girl that doesn't know he exists, he has a crappy job, can't make rent, still has to keep his grades up in school, oh, and has spider powers. Aside from that last bit about spider powers, I'm sure no one can relate to that.

In conclusion, sorry for how poorly this is written, and I hope this makes any reader who was bitter about the amount of superhero movies coming out, a little more receptive to it.


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