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I know I’m going to catch some heat just from that title alone, but hear me out before you start bashing me. I love the horror genre as much as anyone else and I obviously much prefer original horror flicks over remakes but at the same time, I do believe that remaking a classic horror film is important. Now of course there are certain films that shouldn’t be remade such as The Exorcist, Jaws, Gremlins, well you get the idea.

With the recent remake of Poltergeist being released into theaters, I decided to write this piece because I wanted you to have a different view on horror remakes. Now why are horror remakes important, you may ask? Well the first obvious answer to that one is that it allows younger people who may not have experienced the original, to look up the remake and finally check out the original film beforehand. When a remake of a horror film is announced, most people let out a sigh and believe me I know exactly how you feel. The thing is though with horror remakes, it allows the new generation of teenagers to be scared like how you were, when the original film was released and sure you can make the argument, it won’t be as scary but that isn’t the point. The point is for the remake to scare this new generation of audiences and to give them something that the older generations had, maybe it won’t be as scary but at least it’ll shed some light on the original film.

A remake can improve on the original and yes I just said that, nothing is perfect and there are a few horror remakes that did infect improve on the original film in some way. Take The Thing for example, Carpenter’s version is now thought to be the better version of the two and scarier. My Bloody Valentine 3D is another example where a remake managed to be better than the original, the original was good for what it was but the remake managed to be a lot more fun and knew exactly what it was. I know I might catch some flack for this but I thought the remake of Friday The 13th also improved on the original to some degree, it wasn’t better but it was just as good. When the remake of Friday The 13th was released, I went back to check out the originals and they sure do have a lot of faults even if we can overlook them because the movies are a lot of fun. My point here is that the original films that the remakes are based on are not untouchable for the most part, they all have their faults and can be improved upon with the right care.

You might be thinking that most remakes of horror films suck and are cash grabs, every film from a major studio is obviously made to make a profit for the studio. As far as the whole most remakes suck, that is just what one person thinks and may not be what everyone thinks even if the majority seems to think everyone hates the film. Horror remakes are an important aspect to the film industry because they show these stories can be retold again because they stand the test of the time, these are the stories that everyone will remember. Let’s remember that at least one person will go back and watch the original, and it’s not like the remake is the only one that people will watch because it isn’t.

Horror remakes are important, remember that.


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