ByKevin Rochett, writer at

Its not that I am a hater, or strongly disagree with the good of what we might be losing from 3 and 4, but I am more that happy to forget all of the bad that came from 3 and 4. Little things, maybe, but enough to take me out of the moment and jolt me out of the movie experience. I'm talking about a chestbuster coming out with enough force to blast through a chest and a human skull at the same time. Or Riply cradling a queen alien like a baby as she falls to her death. Or all of the religious subtleties scattered around in 3 . But most of all, the queen is the badass. I wouldn't like to tangle with a regular drone alien, but you do not want to f**k around with the queen. The hybrid alien just sucker punches her head off? Come on. That was just weak.


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