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Hannah Johnson

Serenity is already an amazing movie all on it's own, the actors were all incredible in their roles they were given, the plot and also the CGI were all just well put together. This movie maybe a continuation of the popular tv show Firefly but it did not do well at the box office landing at number 2, so what if the cast was different, would it have had different reception? Let's find out.

Here is my pick for the cast.

Hugh Jackman as Malcolm Reynolds

Hugh Jackman is already known for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men Movies so playing a space captain should fit him just fine. He plays his characters with such emotion that this role would just be another day in the park.

Stefanie Scott as River Tam

Known for her role on Disney channel, this actress just recently made her big screen debut in Insidious Chapter 3, with her personality she would make the perfect River.

Christina Chang as Inara Serra

Known for her roles on 24, CSI: Miami, and Nashville this actress knows how to play a tough character and the role of Inara would be perfect for someone with strong roles.

Liam Hemsworth as Alan Tudyk

Known for his shy character in The Hunger Games movies, this quiet actor would be perfect for this role, his soft and sweet personality is what makes him a likable person.

Jazz Raycole as Zoe Washburne

Known as her role on My Wife and Kids this actress is perfect for this role, her loving personality and kind heart is what everyone loves about her.

Emma Stone as Kaylee Frye

Known for her role in Easy A this actress has a bubbly personality that will brighten any room.

Brad Pitt as Jayne Cobb

This actor is known for his body, but he's also gives emotion to his characters, which is why he would be perfect for this role!

Dylan O'Brien as Simon Tam

Known for his roles on Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner this action star would be perfect for this role, he can be silly and serious when the role calls for it, basically he can play anything.


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