ByLaurie Strode, writer at

I just wanted to say I never ever hated Triple H as a wrestler like the other haters do especially when he married the Bosses daughter.

He did have good wrestling and mic work he kind of reminded me of those warrior type of wrestlers that have the no hold bared persona which he did.

Even when he play Hunter Hearst Helmsley still enjoy that character.

Besides that lets fast forward Since Triple H have more of a leadership role notice NXT became a hot brand, Bruno Sammartino & Ultimate Warrior cameback to the WWE for the Hall of Fame.

Most of all the day that we never think will happen STING himself came to a WWE Event and wrestle also.

All this because of Triple H in my opinion because if Vince was still taking the full active roll it sure HELL will not happen.

Plus you know he is a true fan of independent wrestlers as you could see a lot of top guys are coming in Kevin Steen aka Kevin Owens to the latest Samoa Joe with our finger cross hopefully A.J. Styles and many more.

What do you guys and gals think once Vince is out of the picture can Triple H bring WWE back to it's glory days for all ages not just the PG-13 crowd but for us old timers and TV-14 fans.


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