BySON GOKU 101, writer at

Please cancel the reboot and make TASM 3 with andrew garfrild cause sinister six and venom that'll be even better and if TASM 2 was that bad witch was the best one then make the other one better just for once in your lives ignore the haters and give the fans something they want to see plaeae also we don't need another reboot cause we already know what's gonna happen I'm begging you guys please bring Andrew back and make TASM 3 and put him in daredevil vs spider man if you make TASM 3 you'll make lose of money if you make the reboot then spiderman wouldn't be that fun to watch any more come on guys please tomorrow please give us good news saying Andrew Garfield is casting in the amazing spider man 3 because Andrew is perfect spider mans always been his favourite hero and he used to get bullied also he even looks like Peter Parker from the comics please make TASM 3 if you do then you guys are awesooooome!! If not then you just ruined spider man I hope you guys make TASM 3 and ASA Butterfield is to short and way to young please bring Andrew back Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew


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