BySON GOKU 101, writer at

Please make TASM 3 cause we don't need another reboot we already know the story so please make TASM 3 with Andrew Garfield cause sinister six and venom will make you lose of money please I'm begging you guys cause ASA Butterfield is to short skinny and to goofy looking come on admit it no one can be a better spider man than Andrew Garfield and if TASM 2 was that bad witch was the best one then for once in your lives ignore the haters and give the fans what they want and Andrews always loved spiderman he was skinny he got bullied in high school like peter parker and he even looks like him from the comics I mean what's the point of another reboot? That'll just make less money and make things worse so please listen to what I'm saying if you guys make TASM 3 and daredevil vs spider man with Andrew Garfield then you guys are awesoooome if you guys make the reboot witch is a waste of time then you guys ruined spider man trust me I know how these things play out please make TASM 3 Andrew is perfect!!! Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew Andrew


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