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Fellow Moviepilot creator Darth Tardis wrote this excellent piece (click on his name) on who we all strongly assume will be next years baddie on Arrow Season 4...

Damien Darhk:

A former member of the League of Assassins, head of the criminal organization called H.I.V.E. and the only other man Ra's Al-Ghul considered...his equal.

So that leaves the one obvious question-which actor best fits the role of Damien Darhk? Sly, cunning, and as a former league member rivaling Ra's himself, deadlier than deadly.

There are a few guys that can fit this role, including some A-listers who may find a role on a CW brand refreshing. I've nominated a few choices based mostly on an age range closer to Matt Nable who played Ra's Al-Ghul. Since they both came in together, and both have access to water from the Lazarus Pit, there should be no reason for an large age gap between the two. Here we go!

If you've seen The Following (RIP), then you know that James Purefoy can play Ra's Al-Ghul's rival easily. As serial killer Joe Carroll, Purefoy has clearly owned the whole "smart, sadistic madman with plenty of charm" thing. He also played the role of Solomon Kane on the big screen which I quite enjoyed actually. The sword play in this movie was what convinced me he can be "League" material. The Following has been cancelled so this may be a great opportunity for both Purefoy and the CW.

I'll be here all day if I talk about all the reasons why casting Jude Law for Damien Darhk is a great idea. If the A-lister wants to try something new, this role is built for him you know. Repo Man gives us a glimpse of what can be on the CW. Do I think this one is a long shot..well yea. The man doesn't come cheap $$$.

Here is another great match for the role. Ray Stevenson would own this part. His work on-screen in Dexter, all of the THOR/Marvel movies, and as The Punisher-NOT excluding his current gig as BLACKBEARD on Black Sails certifies this man H.I.V.E. ready. He can actually make you believe HE is the stronger between Darhk and Ra's Al-Ghul. As I mentioned, his current gig on Black Sails makes his time very tight.

If I'm going to talk about one Punisher, then I gotta mention Thomas Jane because he too can play Damien Darhk. Yea, I know this picture makes him look 46 but don't let it fool you. We know what he can do. Will he do it? I'd rather have him play the Punisher on Netflix which can be a longshot anyway. If they cast someone else, this is definately a great role for him on the CW.

If the CW wants to keep it in-house then I nominate Sebastian Roche from The Originals. His role as the most feared vampire in that entire universe, Mikael the Destroyer qualifies him most surely. Since they killed off his character, then I don't see why this can't happen. Out of all the actors on this list, bet you he has the greatest shot at landing the role of Damien Darhk.

Well there are my picks to play the baddie of what can be one of the best seasons of Arrow with the Emerald Archer taking on Damien Darhk. There will be plenty of build up for the huge reveal and wouldn't it be cool if one of the above mentioned guys gets the call.



Who is your pick to play DAMIEN DARHK?


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