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Insidious: Chapter 3 is a prequel that takes plays years before the Lambert family experiences own haunting. A younger Elsie Rainier, still a gifted psychic, reluctantly uses her power to contact the dead when a young girl is targets by a supernatural entity.

Well in Insidious: Chapter 3 we don't have James Wan on the directing chair this time but we do have Leigh Whannell directing this movie and he previous wrote the other Insidious movies and was in the 2004 film Saw playing a character. Now this isn't very new with a first time director who previously wrote movies, did stunt work, acted and people who did the soundtrack to the movie have taken the directors chairs and most of the time it can come off good, but also bad, and in this one it comes off average at best when it comes to film making and the film itself.

Leigh Whannell who has worked with James Wan in every movie that James did and in this movie I think Leigh cough the tone of the other two movies just about right, I mean this movie isn't has scary as the first movie (In my opinion) because the first movie had that unsettling tone and it's brilliantly use of it's shots which are terrifying and sets up the first movie, yeah it can get a bit ridiculous at times even towards the end but still the first half was some of the most best suspense horror film in recent history. Leigh Whannell did a fine job directing this movie as it's not easy directing for the first time and he did good, at least he caught what made the other movies so horrifying and put he's own twist to it.

The acting in this movie was alright for the most part. I thought it was better from some from horror movies I've seen so far this year, but the real stand out this movie was Lin Shaye as in this movie she gives a better and strong performance as I can see she really did care for this movie and I better the other cast members did too, but as I said before she was the true stand out of the movie as she did a excellent job.

The movie does have it's scary parts and yes some of them involves jump scares, now listen you can hate this and the other two movies but you got to admit these movies take jump scares and at least do something with them and they use jump scares at perfect moments where the jump scare can be effective and actually make you jump with terror.

Now for problems: All the positives for the film pretty much ends here as this movie really doesn't do anything new with storytelling and the movie is kind of predictable at times with it's scares and how it's going to end. The character's in the movie are pretty flat and I'm not going to remember them soon as I finished this review.

The movie doesn't do anything new as I said before and overall it's kind of forgettable, I mean I won't remember this soon as the year comes to a close.

Overall Insidious: Chapter 3 isn't a god awful horror film, but it's nowhere near great or even alright, it's stuck in the middle of not so good but not so bad.


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