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Prince Blake Dunkeld Hosier I

Ten years ago on April 30th, I was at home. My little sister was spending the night at a friend's house, and both of my parents were out of town for a few days for their wedding anniversary and I was left with a babysitter. My babysitter fell asleep on the couch and I was in my bedroom playing my Nintendo Gameboy Advance with my bedroom door shut and suddenly; I heard a voice calling me.

"Blake, Blake." I looked everywhere for the voice. I opened my door to see a woman who I thought was my babysitter standing in front of me and she said; "Son, I have been looking for you since your 13th birthday in October 1772." I looked at the woman and said; "I am not your son, I don't know who you are."

The woman looked at me and said; "What is the current year?" I started to get scared, so I answered her question; "The year is; 2005, why do you ask?"

The woman told me her name was Glennis, and that her son; Blake had disappeared from her sights in October 1772. And she told me that she had swore to find her lost son even if she died.

I told her that; I was born in October of 1991, almost 220 years after her son disappeared. She said that I looked just like her son, and she wanted me to be safe.

Since that night on April 30th, 2005. I have encountered many women who were looking for their lost son. My last encounter with a woman looking for her lost son said that she died on January 2nd, 1886, and she was looking for her lost son; Harold.

Now it's not as creepy as the other stories. But given the fact that this has happened on many occasions, I am wondering if maybe I was the son of each of those women in a previous life.

What are your thoughts about this story? Please let me know! I don't have any pictures of the women, because I didn't have a camera at the time of any of the encounters with the dead women.


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