ByMakenzie Ayers, writer at

Disney is going there in the TV shows they talk about sex and being gay like its a problem.Good Luck Charlie on the episode were there's 2 moms they can't cope with what is happening and doesn't want to hang out with them and at the end they agree of never having them over again and don't forget the begging when Bob dosen't want to hang with them.Many times in Good Luck Charlie and Wizards of Waverly place they talk about sex and don't think its a problem cause they don't say the word well wow i honestly cant believe what the world is going to these days and don't let me forget Frozen wow when Anna gets to the shack looking for clothes for the winter storm that Elsa started the cashier is gay and in the sauna his husband is naked! Please tell me your thoughts. Ounce again i have reviewed read me next time!!


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