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5. Counter Strike: Counter strike is considered one of the biggest FPS games of all time. The idea of Terrorism and Counter terrorism is a great idea for a movie franchise or just one movie. There are tons of movies out there that have Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in them or the actual plot of the movie. But those movie tend to stick to the drama side of things and barley have any action. Counter strike will be the Action side of things with just a little bit of drama. Some examples this movie could get some inspiration by is Zero Dark Thirty. Zero Dark Thirty was an amazing movie and it showed the drama and action of the Counter Terrorism and Terrorism.

4. Halo: The Halo franchise has a beautiful world/universe and it shows how some alien races will be hostile to our species. It also shows that how we as the human race will fight back to protect ourselves and others. Halo shows the bright side and the dark side of space and war. On the bright side it shows species fighting to survive and how there is actually life on distant planets. On the dark side it shows death and depression of what is the outcome of the war. Some inspiration this movie could take from is the movie Avatar and Act Of Valor. Avatar shows the beauty in life and in other planets. For Act Of Valor it shows bravery and war.

3. Grand Theft Auto: Grand Theft Auto shows that not all things need to be about action. GTA shows strategy and planning for the heist that they perform. GTA shows perfect character development for a video game and you don't really see that much in most of the video games we see today(like the crappy Call of Duty). Some inspiration this movie can take from is from the movie Point Break. Point Break shows an FBI agent undercover trying to arrest a bunch of criminals in president masks. The movie shows the dramatic affects of heist and crimes.

2. Half-Life: Half-Life has a unique story line and plot for a video game. You play as Doctor Gordon Freeman, and you fight Zombies, Head Crabs, and some government like corporation. You worked for Black Mesa and a science experiment went wrong and a whole bunch of stuff happened(I can't explain all of it without taking hours of your time). Half-Life has a unique story line and it does not need any inspiration for the movie. I am just waiting on Half-life three.

1. The Legend of Zelda: The legend of Zelda franchise shows a beautiful environment and landscape for a fantasy tale. It has the perfect item that can help someone take over Hyrule. It also has the perfect villain. Someone that wants to take over Hyrule and touches the triforce and gets power so he kidnaps the princess and the Hero has to save her. Ganon(who is the villian) has the triforce of power, Link(our hero and his name is not Zelda) has the triforce of courage, and of course Princess Zelda who has the triforce of wisdom.

Those are all of the Video Game franchises that need Movies. These were just in my opinion so if you have a game franchise you think should be a movie tell me in the comments.


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