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There's one girl that really grabs my attention every time I see her pop up on my feed. She's the one girl that I feel comfortable pointing at and saying "This girl has a good head on her shoulders." And I'm confident in saying that it will stay that way. That girl is none other than TV reality star, Sadie Robertson.

We first saw Sadie when she was only 14 years old, on the premiere of Duck Dynasty in 2012. In the show, we followed the family's legacy of, you guessed it, duck hunting! The family became wealthy from their family owned and operated business, Duck Commander, where they make products for duck hunters.

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Ducky Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson
Ducky Dynasty star, Sadie Robertson

There are things about Sadie that every kid could use to look up to. I wish more than anything that when I was a kid growing up, I had someone like Sadie to turn to, and here's why...

1.) She never puts aside her standards.

She has her Christian beliefs, and she sticks with them no matter what! During her time on last year's Dancing with the Stars, she never wore anything revealing, even though many dancers will choose to do so. She was even careful with the dances that she performed! When doing the Rumba, a dance that can easily become a bit raunchy, it was kept clean. The judges even applauded her and her partner, Mark Ballas, for keeping it age-appropriate, and showing that the Rumba doesn't have to be raunchy in order to be passionate.

Right before receiving their scores (which totaled to a 35 out of 40), Mark Ballas went on to say:

"It was a little bit of a challenge at first. But my one priority here is her (Sadie), and her feelings, and I wanted to honor them. I wanted to find the perfect balance between being appropriate, and still doing the correct dance, and I feel like I did that."

And Mark did just that, not only with the Rumba, but with every other dance they preformed that season, such as the Mario themed freestyle!

2.) She gives amazing messages.

Several months ago, she released an ordinary vlog-like video on YouTube. It was just her talking in front of her webcam with some notes that she wrote down beforehand. The message was about how we are often so obsessed with creating goals for ourselves, and comparing ourselves to others. In the vlog, she is completely honest and real with us, which just makes her that much more relatable and awesome!

"I want to see people starting to live original. If you want to have goals, that's great! But my point is, don't look at somebody and say 'That's what I want to be.' because in reality, if you're seeking self-approval or human-approval, you're never going to reach your 'goal'. "

Wow! I really wish I had this message from Sadie when I was younger. But it's never too late, right? Even now, it helps tremendously!

3.) She's just like all of us.

It's really nice and refreshing to hear celebrities say that they're just like everybody else, because it's true! At the end of the day, we're all going through life together. They have their jobs, and we have ours. The only real difference is that they're more well known for it, hence the "celebrity" status.

Despite Sadie's fame from Duck Dynasty, she doesn't let it define her!
Despite Sadie's fame from Duck Dynasty, she doesn't let it define her!

Sadie ended the previously mentioned vlog with this:

"I just want to let you know that I care for each and every one of you. If there's ever a moment you run into me and have any questions, please come up to me! Please ask! You know, I may be this 'celebrity' or whatever, but I'm just like every single one of you. I go through my struggles, I go through my every day life, just like how you all do."

I really wish more people were this sweet, and down-to-earth!

4.) She helps young girls dress modestly.

I personally never had the opportunity to go to prom, and those days are long gone. But even as an introvert who doesn't like dancing, I wanted to go just to have an excuse to wear a pretty dress for the night.

But even when I searched, just in the rare chance that I could go, I never found any that I really liked. They either weren't my style, or would have made me feel uncomfortable. Sadie teamed up with Sherri Hill to help remedy this problem!

Even now, I'm tempted to buy one and somehow find a use for it!

5.) What you see is what you get.

There are no two sides of Sadie. It's not uncommon to see someone act one way in front of a crowd, and another way on social media, but not with Sadie.

You won't find an image, or status that goes against the things that she stands for. She's consistent through and through. And even though she's younger than me, I look up to her. She is my role model.


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