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I own every issue of Grendel and Deadpool. I am a veteran aswell.
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There are a lot of amazing comics and graphic novels out in the world and everyone knows Marvel and DC and yes even Image but Dark Horse usually gets the short end of the stick. OK here are some movies Dark Horse has had...Hellboy, 30 Days of Night, Mystery Men, Tank Girl, R.I.P.D., Virus, Sin City and 300, Mask, Barbwire, Time Cop, Judge Dredd, AVP and AVP: Requiem, but not many know that all these are Movies from Dark Horse Comics. There are so many other great series and characters that Dark Horse has birthed into greatness that every comic lover should know or at least look into if they like a good read.

I implore you to check these titles out because if we can shed some light on these comics, who knows maybe we can get a movie going in the future. Comics are making a big come back and everyone loves a good story. Oh and did I mention almost every comic on this list has one multiple Harvey and Eisner


A mans body is put into a concrete body by aliens, he escapes back to Earth and endures challenges with his new body along with great epic adventures. Beautiful artwork and a very well written tale by Paul Chadwick.


This is about a man called The Goon, who fights and lives in a noir style world with monsters and yes sometimes midgets... along with his best pal and childhood friend Franky. David Fincher is set to direct the movie, but it still hasn't got the green light even though it reached its goal in crowd funding. Eric Powell fathered this beautiful masterpiece.


My favorite from Dark Horse, Grendel has many mini series and stories. Check them all out but my favorite ones are that called WAR CHILD. Its also the first comic I have ever read. Matt Wagner's greatest creation.

This is the other Grendel, Hunter Rose. He is the first Grendel he comes with a very dark story. Plus his arch nemesis is a werewolf, so you know your in for a good read!


She was ranked number 15th hottest superhero at one point and weilds duel guns while killing bad guys and demons. She is dead and she wants to hurt those that killed her and anyone else that was innocent. She was created by Team CGW a group of comic writers. Explains why some of her stories get complex.


A sweet Dark Horse classic about a father and daughter who are contract killers...and they are both completely bat-shit crazy. Its a great read if you like a lot of violence in your comics. This awesome comic was created by Jason Pearson.


X, whose law is that one mark means a warning, the second one death, takes on a ton of business, law, mob, assassins and politics (he pretty much loves murdering everything). He appears in a lot of Ghosts comics. I love his character he is pretty bad ass. Don't hate on him until you read it! Created by Joe Phillips and Wade Von Grawbadger.


This is a comic created by Rob Zombie, its about a wrestler and his family take a little R'n'R and than get attacked by a satanic demon biker gang....yea its pretty sweet. Would love seeing this turn into a movie.


Created by Mike Allred this comic was originally published by Dark Horse before it moved on to Image, but honestly I loved the Dark Horse issues more! His name, Frank Einstein, is a combination of Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein, and is also a reference to Frankenstein. Beautiful artwork as expected from Mike Allred...also its really trippy.


So which Dark Horse comic would you like to see turn into a film the most?


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