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What are the two main ingredients for an enjoyable Saturday night? If you said pizza and movies, you've earned my respect.

And you'll also be super excited to hear that Pizza Hut is making it so that you never have to decide between these two ingredients again! The new Pizza Hut Blockbuster Box starts out like an ordinary pizza box; you with a pizza in it.

But don't you dare throw that box away! Because it also doubles as a projector!

The pizza box comes with a ready to remove hole in its side, and the stand to keep the pizza from being crushed includes a lens and doubles as a smartphone stand. Patrons can also scan the side of their box in order to unlock exclusive films you can play while enjoying your freshly delivered pizza.

That's right, you can use your pizza box as a movie projector for your smartphone. The boxes come in four different art styles, each one functions the same, but they're all modeled after different film genres. There's Slice Night, the horror themed box, Anchovy Armageddon, the sci-fi box, Hot and Ready, the romantic box, and the most action packed box of them all, Fully Loaded!

That last one probably comes packed with more explosions than a Power Rangers episode!

Unfortunately, the service is only available in Hong Kong. But with the popularity of pizza, smartphones and movies being pretty much universal, I wouldn't count on it being an HK exclusive for too long.

Just imagine watching Netflix on your smartphone projector pizza box while chomping down on a delicious slice of 'za! Sounds like the perfect date night!


What do you think of the Blockbuster Box?

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