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I am a Spider Man fan, always have been, always will.
Ryan Url

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan Url, and I the director of a Kickstarter film called Legends of the Realm. I am the co-founder of an independent film team located in Spokane, WA, and I am now currently trying to find supporters who can help our film come to life. This film has been in the making for quite a few years and we haven't gotten the chance to really create this film, but now we have the chance. We have a story, a cast, a script and are hoping that this time our film will truly become a reality. We have already begun some production on the film and are working hard to get this project done but we need assistance. If your interests may be peaked by our idea, you can visit our Kickstarter page by searching Legends of the Realm. So please, if you want to see this film become reality, please show your support and we can accomplish this mission.


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