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Season one has ended, as much as we wish it hasn't. It's time to turn thoughts to season 2 and start preparing for it. A lot is going to happen, but here is my list of top five things to expect in season 2. Let's get started.

5: More Heroes

Obviously all of those famous characters will be in the show, but we can expect more upcoming heroes. Other speedsters of course will come into play, but who else? Well, I am considering Hal Jordon, AKA Green Lantern confirmed. I mean, you don't continually mention Coast City and Ferris Air just for a wink. And in episode 22 of the Flash, "Rogue Air", they went to Ferris Air and Barry said one of their test pilots went missing. Amazingly, Hal Jordon is a test pilot for Ferris Air. I consider him confirmed. We all know Hawkgirl is coming, being one of the main characters of Legends of Tomorrow. Those two heroes are gonna fit into this universe great.

4: Vibe

I wrote an article on this, Vibe is coming. Eobard told Cisco that since he had remebered traces of an alternate timeline he would have to have been affected by the Particle Accelerator. If they just found out Cisco is a meta-human, I bet he enhances his powers with tech, considering he is the tech guy.

3: Killer Frost

Once again, confirmed. We saw Killer Frost in the Speed Force and we've had Caitlin all season. Killer Frost is coming in season 2 and she is gonna be pretty awesome as a villain to team Flash if she is our Caitlin or not.

2: Fast Footed Friends

More speedsters are running into the Flash season 2. Jay Garrick and Wally West will come before anyone else of corse. Wally being the second most popular speedster and Jay's helmet being shown. These guys are going to speed their way onto your television screen.

1: The Multiverse

With the Singularity dumping who knows what into the world, the Multiverse is coming. Jay Garrick, I mean, the Multiverse is going to be a great thing to see in season 2. I kind of want to see how many different worlds and speedsters they bring in with the Multiverse.

Thank you and comment your thoughts.


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