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I'm not saying that I know everything, but I do know anyone would have to be some kind of FOOL to think that any movie is safe from Hollywood making a Reboot.

If you're unfamiliar with the original film I did just quote a character from the movie, Jack Burton. (With my own little twist of course.)

With that said I know Many people wouldn't care to consider this movie an 80's Classic, those in my opinion are the same people who said Macaulay Culkin was the next great actor of his generation and would go on to have a very successful and prosperous career. Those people in my opinion as well probably should not vote, drive and most of all reproduce. In all seriousness though, I've always been a huge fan of this movie and look forward to this reboot. Chris Pratt brings the same ego driven sense of humor Kurt Russell did amoung other things such as comic relief with the same cheesy lines straight from the funny pages. Ernie Reyes Jr. obviously brings the martial arts background that was shown by his predicesor Dennis Dun.

I don't think that with the right cast this classic gets ruined and will reintroduce to the generations of tomorrow how awesome not only the movie, it's actor's, but John Carpenter himself was and this cast I feel does the original justice.

R to L: Bell, Pratt, Reyes Jr. and Chung
R to L: Bell, Pratt, Reyes Jr. and Chung

I'm sure the reboot will have some pretty significant changes to not only the story line, but the overall razz of the 80's that made the original a fan favorite and classic will have to be updated. I think that there is only a select few actors today that are up to the task of Jack Burton(Kurt Russel), but Chris Pratt is definitely one of them and has my stamp of approval. Now you add Ernie Reyes Jr. to the mix who many overlook to have a sense of humor. However, I assure you if you truly have followed him throughout his career he definitely has one, as seen in Surf Ninjas, TMNT 2 : The Secret of the Ooze and his brief appearance in Poolhall Junkies. Now let's not forget the lovely ladies of this flick, with Kristen Bell and Jaime Chung added to this project we are blessed with not only talent, but that sex appeal we needed to level out the pure awesomeness of testosterone Pratt and Reyes Jr. will bring to their roles.

I will not sell the ladies short either they both have a comedic resume that will match laugh for laugh what their male counterparts will bring. I look forward to the Reboot and see how they will pay homage to the original and keep the love for this 80's classic.


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