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I had intended to see the movie anyway, though my expectations were kept low. I tried to avoid too many trailers, as that's what dampened Avengers: Age of Ultron for me. OVEREXPOSURE!

After watching Jurassic World in IMAX 3D, I can say that one trailer was plenty. The plot of the entire movie can be explained in a maximum of two sentences.

This does not mean Jurassic World is a bad movie! In fact, I give it major props. So few movies now-a-days really know what they are. You can tell while watching the movie that the makers of Jurassic World totally knew what movie they were making. It's all about the dinosaurs, people. They know we don't want to pay twenty-something bucks for IMAX 3D to see an amazing plot and acting performances. WE WANT TO SEE SOME DINOSAURS DO SOME AWESOME DINOSAUR THINGS!

Yes! A huge giant awesomeasaurus eating a Great White shark! BADASS!


That's why you should want to see Jurassic World! The plot falls short of being anything more than... "We built a new dinosaur to attract more people to come to Jurassic Park. It's big, it's bad, it has escaped, and there's nothing we can do to stop it." Thats it. If you thought you'd get a broader story than that, you'll be quite disappointed.

Another flaw of the film is any dialogue between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. It's just all written so badly. Like gag or cringe worthy bad. Their romance is clearly forced and they have close to absolutely zero chemistry. It's hard to believe that is possible, since it is so easy to love Chris Pratt! I mean, just look into those eyes!

Since the story is so simple and short, you'd expect a lot of room for just awesome dinosaur action, and Jurassic World does not disappoint on that front at all! We're introduced to the new "Indominus Rex" right away. It's a genetically modified dinosaur that is made to be faster, bigger, stronger, and have more teeth and bigger claws than any other dino out there. The reason for making this dinosaur is because they want to attract more people to the theme park. The bigger, the badder the dinosaur they create is, the more people come to the park. Simple math.

Much like a zoo, different animals become different types of attractions. Small children can ride baby triceratops. There's a petting zoo area filled with baby herbivores, like the brontosaurus. There's a show similar to the whale shows at Sea World with a massive underwater dinosaur. It's all in good fun, until the Indominus Rex decides that it wants out! Chris Pratt's chartacter, Owen, is a skilled raptor trainer and is called in to take a look at the new species and give advice on what kind of attraction it should be made into. It just so happens that when Owen arrives, the new dino makes its escape.

The Indominus Rex is raised its entire life in captivity. It lives out its entire life in a very small secluded area. When it finally does escape, it is seeing everything out in the world for the first time. Its animal instincts kick in, and it starts attacking everything it sees. Basically, its killing to find out where it fits in the food chain. The Indominus Rex slowly begins to learn throughout the movie that it is at the top of that chain, and wreaks havoc accordingly.

The one plot point I didn't expect was the idea to weaponize the dinosaurs for military use. A new character is introduced, who is constantly pushing to get access to raptors so he can use them as a weapon. Eventually, this character takes over and uses raptors like bloodhounds to find the missing Indominus Rex. Of course Chris Pratt joins the fray, riding a motorcycle with the group of raptors, and thus becomes our nation's greatest badass.

Sons of Anarchy: Season 11
Sons of Anarchy: Season 11

Yes, those are raptors popping wheelies on motorcycles! And no, that wasn't really in the movie. It does make a hell of an epic GIF, though!

I really had a fun time watching the film! IMAX 3D was worth it too, as there's plenty of awesome moments where dinosaurs lunge at the screen. I rarely want to see a movie in 3D, but Jurassic World was definitely a good choice for it.

All in all, Jurassic World really is just a fun movie. The film does a great job of bringing this extinct franchise back to life. And as we all remember...

Jurassic World hits theaters Friday, June 12th! Go run and get your tickets now!

You should be RUNNING to the movies the second this film comes out but in case you needed an extra push, check out the trailer here...

Thanks again to Moviepilot for sending me to another early screening! You guys are awesome!


Do you think Jurassic World is a standalone film, or the start of a new trilogy?


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