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The guys from Sunnyvale Trailer Park, Julian, Ricky and Bubbles are rocking the show’s 10th season filming, currently in progress, and they have taken to social media to tease the action from the set. (Pics seen here are courtesy of their Twitter page.)

In addition to tweeting pictures from the set, the first in a series of behind the scenes videos is available on

Nice shirt, Tom Arnold.
Nice shirt, Tom Arnold.

The highlights of the new season include celebrity guest appearances from Snoop Dog, Tom Arnold and one half of the legendary sibling comedy filmmakers team, Bobby Farrelly, who headed north to direct an episode of the show.

Additional celebrity guest appearances include comedian slash weed enthusiast, Doug Benson and, according to Metro News Canada, Jimmy Kimmel will be doing something for the show from his studio in Los Angeles.

Doug Benson poses alongside Ricky's car.
Doug Benson poses alongside Ricky's car.

Production for Season 10 started June 1st and is expected to continue through mid-July with the latest episodes of the show airing on Netflix some time in 2016.

Part of the reason for the lag time between filming and airing is due to the boys pending live show tour of Europe slated for the fall, in addition to post-production.

The boys claimed, during a recent Reddit Q & A, that there will be an eleventh season.

What the Tenth Season Ought to Look Like

*Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen last season

The start of the episodes, when it airs, will be unlike others which typically start with the boys getting out of jail.

It will, instead, for the first time in the show’s history, start with Julian, Bubbles and Ricky in charge of the trailer park, having out-witted renowned drunk, Jim Lahey, for control.

Lahey, with his sidekick and sometimes lover, the shirtless, cheeseburger aficionado, Randy, have constantly battled the boys for law, order and general, all-around control of Sunnyvale Trailer Park. They will most certainly be out to change things and exact revenge.

Randy running can only mean trouble.
Randy running can only mean trouble.

Compounding matters is the ouster of former park security officer and general lunatic, Leslie Dancer, who, like Lahey and Randy, will also be out for revenge.

Lahey, along with his wife, Barb, had turned the park into a retirement community. One wonders what will become of the slew of elderly residents who flocked to Sunnyvale.

Barb and her business partners, Sarah and alleged lady, Donna, took their supposed prostitution services, under the guise of a massage business, on the road and wound up in jail.

Things have changed in the personal life of Ricky. He recently became a grandfather. Caring for his grandson has seemingly started to mellow him. If further change develops or if it was a one-time thing remains to be seen but it could affect his dynamic within the trio, which has been to never avoid confrontation and always be the first to violence.

The Trailer Park Boys tradition has always been the whenever something, however small, goes well for the trio, it never, ever lasts long but they forge ahead despite the odds.

Eventually, despite the changes and the celebrities, it will come back around to what is dreadfully familiar and no entity does chronic losing quite like Julian, Bubbles and Ricky.


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