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For a while, rumors were circulating that Jason Statham was in talks to play the psychotic marksman Bullseye in season 2 of Marvel/Netflix's Daredevil. Well, whether or not those rumors were true, I think we can confirm by Jason's opinion on Marvel films that he won't be portraying any Marvel character anytime soon.

I'm more than a little disappointed about it.

Well...there's always DC maybe.
Well...there's always DC maybe.

But with Jason Statham out (if he was ever even in that is), a new actor has expressed their interest in portraying Matt Murdock's arch-enemy; Steven Ogg!

Steven Ogg
Steven Ogg

If Steven Ogg's striking resemblance to Trevor Phillips from Grand Theft Auto V is making you uneasy, you have good reason. Ogg voiced and did the motion capture for the crazy Canadian psychopath, and now he has his eyes set on yet another wacko.

This wouldn't be the first time Steven Ogg has acted in a live-action adaption however, he's had roles in AMC's original hit spin-off show Better Call Saul and Moondog Airwaves.

Ogg will also be in Westworld, an upcoming TV series based on the 1973 film of the same name, and most would argue that his performance in GTA V was just as good as any movie role (if not better).

Steven Ogg expressed his interest in portraying Bullseye on Twitter yesterday:

Even though it seems like he was only joking, I could honestly see him as Bullseye if given the part. Bullseye is just as crazy as Trevor, and even though the two have different agendas, it wouldn't be to much of a stretch for Steven Ogg to take.

What do you think? Should Marvel cast Steven Ogg as Bullseye?


Should Steven Ogg be Bullseye?

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