ByMatthias L. Jugel, writer at

It usually takes time for me to get hooked to some TV series. Just like a new book I need a several referrals before I actually dive into it. Binge watching stupid stuff is just not as much fun as if you really like what you see.

A few friends recommend Sense8 to me as they knew my interest for Science Fiction movies and series, so I gave it a chance yesterday and I was not disappointed. The first episode left me a little puzzled as what to expect from it with confusing scenes and constant switching between protagonists. However, given the context (I have cheated a little and looked into a description of the series) it just mirrors the confusion of the people involved.

What I liked right from the start were the locations. Of course it helped that two of the cities I lived (Berlin and Seoul) are part of the plot. However, what is sensational is the fact that The Wachowskis actually hired directors from the countries (not all) to shoot parts of the episodes locally.

Have you ever had the feeling that they depicted you completely wrong in a foreign movie? Just how they act is usually forgivable, however Germans talking "gibberish" is intolerable.

Sense8 immediately got me there. Wolfang, the German "Safeknacker" is part of the Russian community in Berlin and he not only acts like a German, his whole attitude screams German. Very well done, Tom Tykwer!


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