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The summer blockbuster season is well under way, but don't let that stop you checking out the latest Blu Ray releases. We're currently getting the by products of that awkward early year period where Hollywood isn't quite sure what will work. Some might guess that means they're in for mediocrity, but it's quite the opposite. We're about to get some of the most interesting movie products of the year. These titles will be ready to own on Blu Ray this week, so let's check them out!

Out now!


Cons and heists and all kinds of surreptitious money-making shenanigans are just fun in the movies. There's just something about the stylization and the distancing from crime that resonates with movie audiences, and I think that's why Focus was strangely received. For his entire career, Will Smith has been a core of natural charm and charisma, and when you add even a little genuine sleaze to that, people get weirded out. If you can look past the 22 year age gap between Smith and co-star Margot Robbie, you could squeeze something out of the fun schemes and scams and money getting made on the sly!

Jupiter Ascending

People ragged on the Wachowskis for trying too hard to recapture the magic of the Matrix. Now they rag on the Wachowskis for not trying hard enough to recapture the magic of the Matrix. Despite almost being in a lose-lose situation, they still produce some fun, if absolutely ridiculous projects. Jupiter Ascending is a campy space romp that just barely holds together, but if you stick with it, you could have the funniest moviegoing experience of 2015! Think of it this way. Eddie Redmayne is a Voldermort rip-off, Channing Tatum is half wolf, and Mila Kunis is queen of the bees. Bet you wanna check it out now, huh?

Project Almanac

What happens when you approach the complex and much contested area of time travel movies with Michael Bay sensibilities? Project Almanac is what happens! Dean Israelite's sci-fi effort has been deemed by some as "Primer for dumb people", but I find there's an indulgence in the self-absorbed, slightly monstrous use of time travel that is just a delight. Where the characters in Primer used their phenomenal invention to save someone's life, the characters in Project Almanac use theirs to win the lottery. And when the prize money isn't as much as they expected, they decide to win it AGAIN!

Available to own this week!

[Kingsman: The Secret Service](tag:713143)

Despite not making the biggest waves on the movie landscape, I feel like Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman: The Secret Service will be remembered as a success. It possesses all the allure and trappings of your average spy action thriller, but it's just weird enough to be truly memorable. Going beyond the simple Harry Potter in a spy agency format, Kingsman reunites Matthew Vaughn and Mark Millar and their whacked out tone that audiences seem to love so much. Watch it again, and you'll realize it actually rings of Django Unchained. Think about it. Protagonist elevated from oppressed underclass. Colin Firth as a charismatic mentor figure. Samuel L Jackson is a bad guy... okay I'll stop now.


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper play the original power couple! Set against the backdrop of 1930s North Carolina, this rustic romance with a tinge of cynicism ploughs through gender roles and the American dream all with one seemingly innocuous premise. It's nice to see Jennifer Lawrence for once not playing the infallible audience insert character, and actually adopt a performance that frames her as somewhat sinister. Catch it on Blu Ray, and see for yourself why love and lumber should never mix!

Thunderbirds - The Complete Series

Ever watched the original Thunderbirds and thought "hey I wish I could see those strings clearer!" Well you're in luck, because every episode of the British yet incredibly American puppet show is soon available to own on Blu Ray! In all honesty, being able to view the jankiness in HD might be a pleasure in and of itself. If you're in the mood for shaky puppets masquerading as absurdly 60s masculine ideals in giant rescue machines, this is for you! The attention to detail is still jaw dropping, and the simple image of puppets ambling across tiny sets never fails to amuse.

The Last Unicorn

Now let's not fool ourselves into thinking our childhoods are COMPLETELY ruled by Disney. The Last Unicorn is the perfect example of a piece of animation magic that slipped through the cracks of nostalgia in the early 80s. Boasting a cast including Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin, Jeff Bridges, and Angela Landsbury, this movie feels like something you saw as an infant, no matter what age you are when you watch it. It's suitably cute, but tinged with an eeriness that comes with age, plus scenes involving the Harpy are downright terrifying. Admittedly, this entire movie is on Youtube, so owning the Blu Ray would no doubt be a fan statement.

That's all for this week! I hope your collection just got a little more colorful!


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