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Wow, I always knew that Harley Quinn was a little disturbed but her latest confrontation with Batman is off the Chain. Oh and Batman is something else all together. Fasten your seatbelts!

Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles is a series of DC shorts coming from Bruce Timm. Timm is famed for bringing the best out of DC Comics animated editions of Batman, Superman and Justice League Cartoon strips.

Harley Quinn - Game Over?
Harley Quinn - Game Over?

Timm has a very different approach to the heroes we know and love, Timm is famed for bringing out the darker side out of our caped crusaders. They are still good guys but they may take a rather more 'hands on approach'.

So, forget everything you know about your childhood hero, Batman is not all sunshine and rainbows, he's actually a vampire (makes sense) and he's not Bruce Wayne. Originally a scientist who was just days away from formulating a cure for cancer when an unfortunate accident in the lab turned him into winged beast.

Batman the Vampire
Batman the Vampire

Superman isn't who you thought he was either, forget the big glasses and a nervous disposition. Superman is not even the son of Jor-El, he’s actually the son of General Zod. This time around these gods among us are all together more twisted.

Enough of me rambling on, It's time for you to get your first look into Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles.

Speaking with Kotaku last week Timm explained some of the decision behind his differing approach to the world's most iconic superheroes and the decision to allow these saviours of humanity to kill. Are we able to accept that there can be an evil version of our favourite superheroes?

I would probably qualify that by saying that I don’t think of them as being evil. They have a different definition of superhero morality and modes of operandi, I guess. But I don’t know. This is my own personal weird philosophy, so bear with me.

It made sense at the dawn of comic books to tone down the characters because when Batman and Superman were first introduced they were much harder edged. Batman killed a couple people and Superman would routinely throw crooks off of buildings.

But this outright code against superheroes, any guy who wears long johns can never ever kill anybody, I just feel like that’s a little bit artificial. It made sense when comic books were definitely aimed at young kids. But the comic book audience has grown up over the years.

I feel that idea is maybe just a little bit too extreme in one way, not that I think superheroes should go around slaughtering people. But at the same time, it cracked me up when the “Man of Steel” movie came out a couple of years ago, and everybody was all freaked out because Superman killed Zod. I’m thinking, “I don’t have a problem with that.” - Bruce Timm

Quinn - Batman
Quinn - Batman

Timm goes onto say that this is of course not exactly the image that we want our kids growing up with, so a balance between mad vigilante and role model needs to be moderated very closely. At the end of the day, it's an alternative look into a world of infinite possibilities and I love it.

This latest creation from Timm will have its very own feature movie titled, Justice League: Gods and Monsters that will debuts this summer, July 28. After the deaths of a few of earth's best and most notable scientists, the Justice League's accountability is challenged by the world's governments. The movie follows the League through this troubled time.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles has turned the DC Universe upside-down. It is now almost impossible to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Are they here to rule or protect?

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

I love this take on the classic, what do you think? Too much or not enough!?

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