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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is everywhere these days. From Furious 7 to San Andreas to being cast by DC as Black Adam to somehow finding time to film an entire new HBO series, Ballers, his face is all over Hollywood right now. All the while, he has not at all seemed to have let his newfound clear A-List status change him for the worse. If anything, it seems there is always some new heart-warming story of this guy doing good.

'Rock The Troops' promises to be just another example of how cool The Rock is, and a clear indicator of his respect for American soldiers overseas. The Rock's production company, Seven Bucks Productions, is teaming up with Spike TV and Casey Patterson Entertainment to put together a “grand scale music and entertainment event” that will air on Veteran's Day 2016.

The Rock delivered this news at the Spike TV Awards where he was accepting the 'Hero' Award. Much deserved.

Here's what he had to say about it:

"It is so important to me to give back to the troops. I really want to create something special for our boys and girls who are overseas and hopefully we do such a good job that we can do it again and again. I have military in my family, some vets and two Navy SEALs. That was the genesis of that.

The idea was to create a show that was epic and big and that would entertain and honor our troops. I loved the idea and I am very serious about calling in favors and giving it a good deal of my energy and time. It is incredibly ambitious but we have a lot of resources to meet the ambition.

You get around these great men and women of the armed forces and you get instant perspective. I can have the life I have and the career I have because of what they do everyday. They ensure our way of life. We enjoy the freedoms we have because of the brave men and women who serve so the least we can do is give back. I anticipate a lot of my friends who are celebrities, in Hollywood, sports and music, to be a part of this epic event for our troops."

I mean, if you're a celeb and The Rock calls you up and asks you to be involved with this, I feel like there is only one answer: "Of course Rock, thank you for this opportunity." Any other response is completely off-base. I mean do you really want to refuse this guy?

Let's not get it twisted. The Rock may be a nice guy, but he was an elite college football player, a wrestler, plus... just LOOK at the man!

I like what he said about how what he does is impossible without the protection and service of our troops. Without them, none of any of our dreams are possible. We must thank them every day, and to give them a blow-out event like this is a step towards showing how much we care.

I guess this is just more proof that The Rock is the man. Like we needed any more... he said it himself, he has military in his family, so this is clearly heartfelt and not a publicity play at all.

I'll be tuning in!

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