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We've known for a while that after the next Wolverine film, Hugh Jackman will be hanging up his claws and saying goodbye to the X-Men franchise. It's going to be a pretty tough role to fill - by the time the next Wolverine film comes out, Jackman will have been playing our favorite regenerating renegade for 17 years.

In an interview with ScreenRant, a pretty surprising candidate declared his interest in picking up where Jackman leaves off. Taron Egerton - most famous for his leading role in surprise smash hit Kingsman: The Secret Service - told ScreenRant he's a "huge X-Men fan," and "would love to have a go at it."

Egerton was rumored to be in the running for the role of Cyclops in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. The part ended up going to Mud's Tye Sheridan, but it seems Egerton hasn't given up on getting a spot on the X-Men team.

However, Egerton admitted himself that he's not the most obvious choice for the role:

"My feeling about that is… I don’t know if I’m quite grizzly enough. My facial hair is still very thin and patchy. I feel someone who plays Wolverine potentially needs testosterone in abundance. Yeah, I’d love to have a go at it, but I don’t know."

Sure, he's a little fresh-faced and unknown, but Egerton definitely has some characteristics which put him in the running for this coveted role.

1. He Has Ties With Hugh Jackman

And we're not talking some tenuous, 6-degrees-of-separation link here. Egerton was actually with Jackman the day he announced he was retiring from X-Men. The pair have just wrapped up filming on an Eddie the Eagle biopic, where Jackman plays mentor to Egerton's Eddie. Perhaps life will imitate art, and Jackman will take Egerton on as his mutant protege?

2. He's Young

This may not seem like an obvious advantage, but apparently 20th Century Fox is actively searching for a "younger" Wolverine after Jackman's departure, according to Ace Showbiz. We already know that X-Men: Apocalypse will feature a lot of new, youthful actors taking on classic roles. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner will be taking on the role of troubled telekinetic Jean Grey, and Lana Condor will be playing Jubilee in the character's first major big screen appearance. Sophie Turner is only 19, making 25-year-old Egerton look positively wizened in comparison.

3. He Has Plenty of Action Experience

If you haven't seen Kingsman: The Secret Service yet, I'd highly recommend you do so immediately. Aside from the parkour previewed above, we see Egerton at work in a whole range of perilous situations and beautifully-choreographed fight scenes. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a scene where he goes up against an adversary with blades for legs which is particularly breathtaking.

4. He'll Have Plenty of Experience as a Hardman, Too

In Kingsman, Egerton is a wayward kid learning the ropes. In Legend, due out later this year, he has a much meatier role, playing a slick, hard-as-nails psycho. Legend tells the story of the Cray twins, London's most notorious criminals, with Tom Hardy playing both of the infamous brothers. Egerton plays Edward "Mad Teddy" Smith - a member of their gang, and a renowned bloodthirsty psychopath. In the trailer above, he's frequently seen at the twins' side, but it looks like we'll have to wait until the movie comes out to see Egerton in full-on psycho-killer mode.

5. He's Got Wolverine's Trademark Belligerence Down

The scene above is undoubtedly my favorite moment from X-Men: First Class. Jackman only appeared in the movie for these few seconds, but he absolutely stole the show. A recent tweet by Egerton proves he's had a similarly rude-but-hilarious attitude since an early age:

Joking aside, Egerton isn't the first name that springs to mind when I think of Wolverine, but he definitely has something to bring to the table. Do you think he has what it takes? Let me know in the comments!


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