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Mary Ellen Trainor, the actress who played Mikey and Brandon's mother (Mrs. Walsh) in The Goonies, has died of pancreatic cancer in her California home. She was 62-years-old.

Along with appearing in Spielberg's iconic '80s classic, Trainor also had roles in all four instalments of Lethal Weapon, Die Hard and Ghostbusters II.

Mary Ellen Trainor in Scooged
Mary Ellen Trainor in Scooged

Tragically, Mary Ellen Trainor died on May 20th, just over two weeks before The Goonies celebrated its milestone 30th anniversary.

Fans of the movie will probably remember Trainor's role as Mrs. Walsh best from the scene below where there is some serious Spanish confusion:

Trainor began her career in the movie business as a producer's assistant on a number of movies, including the 1979 Steven Spielberg film 1941, where she met her future husband, the director Robert Zemeckis.

When the couple married in 1980, Zemeckis cast Trainor in her first film, Romancing the Stone, reportedly at the request of the movie's lead, Micheal Douglas.

Mary Ellen Trainor in Romancing the Stone (behind)
Mary Ellen Trainor in Romancing the Stone (behind)

After acting in her first movie, Mary Ellen Trainor never looked back and, along with her aforementioned bigger roles, she made cameos in some of Zemeckis' most famous movies including Forrest Gump and Back to the Future Part II.

Described as a "great actress, warm friend and generous spirit" by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, Trainor has been publicly mourned by fellow cast members, Corey Feldman and Kevin Smith, along with countless fans:

Corey Feldman

Kevin Smith

Zemeckis and Trainor, who divorced in 2000, had one child. She is survived by her son, Alex, her mother, Jane and siblings Ned, Jack, Barbara and Carolyn.

Alex, Robert and Mary in 1997
Alex, Robert and Mary in 1997

Along with her acting career, Trainor supported dozens of causes including education, disaster relief and cancer research. The late actress wished for donations to be made to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and Wounded Warriors in her memory.

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