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Every corner of the web is absolutely littered with GTA V videos, either lusciously rendered in-game or shots of skilled players displaying their ridiculously honed prowess. They're all brilliant and fascinating to watch. But live-action takes are a a whole different world.

Real life GTA parodies have been an Internet phenomenon for a while now; some good, some a good effort, but those geniuses over at CorridorDigital are at it again with their 'Real GTA' fan short which is, I believe to be, the best real life GTA parody I've ever seen.


Using various Los Santos spots, painstakingly recreated by Rockstar from iconic Los Angeles locales, the video details an afternoon in the life of a GTA felon, silly little hops and all. The video is perfectly color graded, the actor has the walk on point, the CGI is brilliant and the end product is a very, very, very funny take on one of the best games ever made.

Have a look, will you:

It's the camera moves, right? The way the camera moves literally places you right in the game. So f**king awesome!

Can't watch the video? Well have this here-


Just a little taste of the brilliance of this video:

Now Loading...

What a brilliant way of setting the scene, here's a bird's eye view of the playground of chaos.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Tasked with taking out a drug dealer, our goon decides traveling by foot is just way too old school.

Bike Tour

Then the film takes us on a little tour of lovely Los Santos by bike. How great are these shots?!

Nice Ride

Bored of working up a sweat, it's time to liberate this fine specimen of a sports car.

They See Me Rollin'

I don't blame you if you had to double take with this shot. So spot on and beautiful.

Obligatory Mini Rampage

When in Los Santos, do as the Los Santoians do.

The madness doesn't end there, but, you know, I'm not going to give the whole thing away.

How Did They Do it?

I was wondering how CorridorDigital managed to get such smooth footage of their walking, cycling and driving sequences. Did they use drones? That would be awesome! But if they did, surely that would be too risky a technique, especially when filming in such busy locations.

In a BTS video, the guys explained how they used a GoPro gimbal, where they basically attached a little GoPro camera onto an electric stabilizing arm for the steady and smooth crane shots.

To safely create the driving sequences, they attached said GoPro to a telescopic boom that could extend to a mighty 20 meters. And then filmed out of the sunroof of the chasing car.

Then for the cycling and walking portions, longboards and a badass IO Hawk were used to follow 'Real GTA's' white vested goon around the sunny streets of Los Angeles. They even recorded sounds from similar occurrences in-game to add to the authenticity of the picture.

Seriously though, IO Hawks are so dope:

Great Scott!

Totally brilliant and well worth the stunning lengths they went to create such an awesome video! But then it is CorridorDigital and that name is fast becoming a barometer of quality fan made content.

Great job, guys! Make sure to head over to their YouTube page and check out more of their brilliant stuff, and, like, say hi or whatever.

(Source: CorridorDigital/YouTube)


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