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This is the first article out of the 2 installments that I'll be writing, to chronicle one of the best and trending shows, "Daredevil"!

The Past

Like many others who saw the totally brilliant show, I too was completely blown by its aweseomeness. Admittedly most of us were skeptical, considering that (insert any abusive adjective that can help you calm your mind) the movie starring Ben Affleck was... let's just not get into all of it.

But the show, I really liked it and have seen 10 episodes at the time of writing. I can even go on to say, that it's my favorite superhero property (movie or TV Show). The bright, "Disney"-ness of the MCU movies, goes for a complete toss, in this series. The series has been dark, gritty and hasn't shied away from showing and blood or gore and even has a TV-MA rating!

Everyone loves that bit of blood yea?
Everyone loves that bit of blood yea?

Apart from the brilliant writing and structuring, the character development has been phenomenal. To be honest, I've never enjoyed anything superhero this much! (I admit I ain't deep into it, but yea).

I was discussing the series with one of my friends and he said, 'The weaker the hero's "superpowers", the better the story'. I believe this is quite true, look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier or at Daredevil (the show) itself. I admit there are many exception, but perhaps weaker superpowers do give more space for development of character and story.

However, in this case, it isn't just the hero, or the protagonist, but also the villain, Kingpin or Wilson Fisk, who simply steals the show. One thing that I noted, until the point I've seen it, is that Fisk, isn't called "The Kingpin" even once, thus moving away from his "super-villain" identity. This has lead to a clash of ideologies and not super-powers, between Fisk and Matt Murdock, who too hasn't been called "Daredevil" as of the 10th episode, neither has his "super-hero costume" been nothing more than simple black tights and a mask... This I believe has positively affected the overall flavor and experience of the show.

One of the best fight scene ever!
One of the best fight scene ever!

The acting has been brilliant, the lead actor, Charlie Cox, plays his part perfectly. (I don't mean to offend anyone by the following remark) but his portrayal as the blind lawyer, is extremely convincing, the blank look in his eyes... However, Vincent D'Onofrio is just as much in the lead, as Charlie Cox. Vincent plays the "villain" as Wilson Fisk, more popularly known as the Kingpin. He has a wide range of emotional stages, from his "frightened" demeanor, to being hot-headed and willing to go to any lengths for his love, Vanessa Fisk, played brilliantly by Ayelet Zurer and also knowing that being calm is the key to business.

The supporting cast of Rosario Dawson, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Toby Leonard Moore, Vondie Curtis Hall all make the show the treat it is to watch!

One of the main driving factors behind the show, and among the most major ones for sure, is the theme, as I've already mentioned. The dark, well choreographed fight scene pump up the adrenaline. And of course, those titular credits, that show the city being built in dark red, something closer to maroon, symbolizing blood. The statue of justice, similarly being crafted out of blood. One thing I closely noticed, was that the eyes of the statue were covered, of course to show that, "Justice is blind" and equal and other such theories. While watching is struck me, the titular character is blind and delivers justice to the residents of Hell's Kitchen...

The Present

After explaining, at length about why I love Daredevil, let's come to the superhero jinx!

I was reading this article, and it talks about how the shows that are supposed to win at the Academy level, are supposed to have "an air of importance". According to Daredevil showrunner DeKnight and also those associated with other superhero shows like Arrow, or Flash. In my personal opinion, I agree with this, perhaps comic book based shows don't have have that "air of importance". The article even goes on to talk about how shows with more "adult" content are favored and perhaps that's why "The Walking Dead" hasn't been able to follow in the footsteps of "Mad Men" or "Breaking Bad" in terms of the major awards categories, even though it performs comparatively well at the technical level.

The Trio (They'd Make One Helluva Team!)
The Trio (They'd Make One Helluva Team!)
DC's TV Contingent!
DC's TV Contingent!

The question that comes into my mind, after reading this article, is that,

Does Daredevil, have that 'air of importance'?

In my opinion, it might not be as great as "Breaking Bad" or "Mad Men" but yes...


Can Daredevil Break The Superhero Curse?

Where Can It Make Its Mark

I haven't seen too many of the shows broadcast this year, so I won't be able to say whether Daredevil will win or not. But I can say where it can put up stiff competition and be nominated!

Outstanding Drama Series

I'm sure it won't win here. I seriously doubt it'll be nominated. But many are saying that "The Flash" stands a chance of being nominated, if that's so, Daredevil deserves to be there more!

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Okay, I don't understand how the whole "episode" name thing works so I can't name one particular episode.

But what I do know, is Charlie Cox deserves at least a nod ('cause we all know, he ain't gonna win, you got Odenkirk as Saul and so many others who can win). But his portrayal of the Blind Lawyer by Day and Masked Vigilante by night was extremely powerful.

(Yea, so powerful that I'm planning to turn vigilante! Don't tell that to no one!)

Outstanding Supporting Actor in A Drama Series

Vincent D'Onofrio deserves to bag this one. I don't know about the competition, but if "The Kingpin" loses here, it'll be a decision that I'll be a bit sad about...

However the degree of the sadness depends on who wins, so we'll see about that!

Outstanding Writing For A Drama Series

This show, is extremely well written, again it depends a lot upon the competition, but me being quite a critic against Superhero movies and TV shows, saying this should be proof enough of how much I think at least a nomination is deserved.

The next one here's my own input and this might not be such a great idea for TV Shows, but that's for you, my reader, to decide

Outstanding Cinematography

Now, it's my category, so according to the rules of my-land, a division between Drama and Comedy series isn't needed. Now in this category, Daredevil puts up great competition, for it's the tone and the use of lights that raises the show, to where it is!

Those Delicately Balanced lights! *sigh*
Those Delicately Balanced lights! *sigh*

So that was my Random Outpouring about the show Daredevil! I hope you enjoyed reading! Do Comment With your views and don't forget to check out the next installment about my ideas for Daredevil's future!


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