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Our world is a hypochondriac's nightmare, with thousands of medical conditions and terrifying diseases ready to strike against the human body, many ranging from the mundane to the highly unusual.

The following 13 conditions are just as bizarre as they are rare. From 'possessed' hands to 'vampire syndrome,' to having extra limbs and the ability to transform into a 'wolfman,' familiarize yourself with some truly strange medical complexities.

1. Oligodactyly

Those with oligodactyly have fewer than five digits on their hand or foot.

2. Alien Hand Syndrome

People with this syndrome have a hand that acts independently, grabbing people or objects. Moving against the wishes of the person, it's almost as if it acts 'possessed.'

Although there is no cure, a sufferer's best bet is to consistently keep the rogue hand occupied with objects so it doesn't act out on its own accord. Yikes!

Learn more about the disorder here:

3. Nystagmus

An involuntary eye movement condition, making your eyes look like they are "dancing."

4. Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Otherwise known as the "Vampire Syndrome," this condition means that its sufferers are extremely sensitive to UV rays so must be entirely shielded from sunlight, lest they be burned by the sun. Ouch!

5. Polymelia

Those with polymelia usually have more than the usual number of limbs.

6. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

You may think that people with this condition are lucky in that their bodies seem a bit too efficient at healing injuries. Yet, in fact, in such cases the body actually goes so overboard healing a joint, muscle or ligament that it turns it to stone.

The disorder is so aggressive that operations on injuries only cause additional bone growth, meaning that within decades sufferers become completely immobile - just like stone.

7. Hypertrichosis

While you might think you might be quite a hairy person, I'm sure it's nothing compared to this - 'werewolf' syndrome. Only around 50 people in the world have this disorder and no amount of laser hair removal works as it all just grows back very quickly!

At least sufferers aren't susceptible to the power of a full moon...

8. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

You might think this would be an awesome disorder to have, but imagine how exhausting it would be to have over 200 orgasms a day. And not even in the private of your own space, but on the train, in the office or while out to lunch with friends. You'd actually be a bit like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally, except you wouldn't be faking it...

There is no cure.

9. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

If suddenly objects appear much smaller or larger than they should, perhaps you're on drugs or you might be experiencing Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Sometimes linked to headaches and falling asleep, this psychological disturbance affects the sufferer's perception of the world around them, affecting the size and depth of objects, as well as time.

10. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Sometimes a result of a stroke or a severe migraine, this rare condition manipulates the way in which a person forms their words, making it seem as if they are speaking in a different accent.

For example, one lady in the UK woke up after a terrible migraine and started speaking with a Chinese accent even though she had never been to China!

11. Cotard's Syndrome

Those with this psychological disorder believe that they are already dead or have lost all their organs. It is often brought about by brain injury and can also lead the sufferer to believe that they are immortal.

12. Trimethylaminuria

A truly terrible condition to have, people with this disease omit a horrendous odor from their sweat, urine and breath. No matter how good your personal hygiene may be, with 'Fish Odor Syndrome,' the body cannot break down the fishy-smelling compound found in most foods and this makes the person smell very bad indeed.

13. Achromia

People with achromia have either complete, or partial, absence of normal pigmentation or color in the skin, hair and eyes. This is because the body lacks tyrosinase, an enzyme that produces melanin. Sufferers are alternatively known as "albinos."



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