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Turning 16 is a milestone for every teenager. The excitement of feeling like you're in the prime of your teenage years, being treated more like an adult by your parents and knowing it's just two short years until you can leave home for college.

Maybe you celebrated with a few gifts and a small party with your friends to celebrate, and that was cool, right?

Well, it was until the people at MTV created My Super Sweet 16 and showed us exactly how the insanely rich people throw an extravagant birthday party worth more than our parents' houses.

And, as you would guess, a lot of them were spoiled little rich kids who weren't even remotely grateful when they were handed a shiny brand new sports car, but that only added to the entertainment!

But, we also saw some of America's most successful youngsters show us how it's done; with global superstars for entertainment and killer entrances leaving their guests, and the viewing audience, totally envious.

Let's take a look at some memorable moments from My Super Sweet 16.

5. Demetrius. Season 8 Episode 1

When your dad is Timbaland, it's guaranteed you're going to have a great party! Bringing the glamour of Saint Tropez to Miami, he had surprise performances from (unsurprisingly) his dad, and rap supremo Missy Elliot, who took to the stage to perform her single "Work It," making the crowd go wild.

Belly dancers, stretch limos and even panthers joined the party. Not to mention the brand new Lamborghini!

He is now a multi-faceted producer, DJ, vocalist, writer, and television personality. He also started his own company, Seduced by Sounds, in 2011.

4. Darnell. Season 3 Episode 7

The then 16-year-old's $300,000 bash was the talk of Harlem NYC! The son of the owner of the world famous Sugar Hill records, Darnell was of course going to have a party to remember.

He took a very special date, in the form of pop princes Rihanna, to his party, themed after the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America.

African dancers greeted him in style, and his parents surprised him with his very own $110,000 white Mercedes.

He has now moved into the family business and is a producer, including for Lil Wayne, has a roster of his own artists, and also records his own music in collaboration with his family's label, Sugar Hill.

3. Reginae Carter. 2014

Ok, so this episode only aired recently but it upped the stakes in the spending department!

The daughter of rapper Lil' Wayne the sky was the limit and the budget? What budget!

The show followed her at the build-up to her party where she was taken shopping by her godfather Birdman who got her a Rolex and some diamond earrings!

At the party she had four costume changes, arrived in a horse drawn carriage, was entertained by Nicky Minaj, AND was given not one, but two brand new cars!

A red BMW and a white Ferrari! That makes for one happy birthday!

Now she is priming herself for her pop career under the guidance of her father. And judging by the video, she's going to be big!

2. Justin Combs. 2010

Justin had a hard act to follow because his dad, rapper P.Diddy, is renowned for his amazing parties. The youngster had a 'Prince of New York' theme, which was a nod to his father's fragrance 'I am King.'

He walked into the party in a white tuxedo with pop starlet Nicki Minaj on his arm (she really likes Super Sweet 16 parties it seems!) And tried out all his best chat up lines on her!

His dad also gave a speech saying;

“Seeing Justin grow up is a big deal for me. This is him entering manhood. I know a lot of y’all out there can relate to it. I wanna take this time out to say, Justin, I love you, from the bottom of my heart.”

P. Diddy and Lil' Kim then lead the crowd to sing him a happy birthday!

When presented with a $10,000 check to open his own bank account, he announced that he didn't want it, but was instead going to donate the money to Wyclef’s Yele Haiti organization to help those effected by a huge earthquake. How awesome is that?

He was then presented with this Maybach super car! And he had a party that his father would be proud of!

He now plays football for UCLA and is a hotly tipped young athlete!

1. Chris Brown. Season 5, Episode 4

The infamous rapper celebrated his 18th birthday on the show, he hosted two parties, one for celebrities, one for fans. His then girlfriend Rihanna was in attendance, before all the assault thing happened, and an exceptionally fresh faced Chris danced the night away with his friends.

His "Off The Wall" theme was in homage to his idol Michael Jackson. When an aide asked for the music to be turned off it was announced that the King of Pop himself was on the phone to wish the then youngster a happy birthday. But, the line went dead and sadly it wasn't meant to be! But that didn't stop the party from getting back into full swing!

And what kind of Super Sweet party would it be without the birthday person leaving in a flash new car? Chris fell in love with his Lamborghini and the crowds peered through the windows at the spider detailed seats!

After several brushes with the law and stints in rehab, Chris has now returned to recording and continues to have a great career in the music industry.

But, after all these stories of great parties, does anyone remember Ashley a.k.a. the most spoiled brat on the planet?

If you don't, take a look at this video! As if you would cry after being given a brand new Lexus!

Or Sophie, possibly the biggest diva ever?

It might be unbelievable just how much these teenagers get given and the wealth they have, but it makes for great viewing. I can't wait for a whole new season!


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