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Before last year's E3 conference, Atlus released an image of a blank badge to tease an announcement for their show. We've seen them do this ever since they announced Catherine in 2011, but as it turned out, the badge for last year's E3 conference was Persona 4: Dancing All Night. It was quite the surprise for Persona fans, and we're wondering what this year's may contain.

Some say that it'll be the reveal of a character or something like that for Persona 5, whereas others hope that it'll be a new game or sequel. Personally, I hope that Atlus realise the potential for Catherine 2 and surprise us all with it at E3. Catherine was extremely well received and sold remarkably well throughout the world. Whether a sequel to this cult classic is on Atlus' mind or not remains to be seen, but what do you think this image contains?

The Atlus Teaser Badge for E3 2015
The Atlus Teaser Badge for E3 2015

Does This Atlus E3 Badge Hide A Persona 5 or Catherine 2 Image?

I don't know about you guys, but all I see is a wild head of hair! There's some kind of bow in the top right hand side, but the rest of the image on top of the badge appears to be some wild Atlus-looking hair. Take a look at the image of Catherine below to get an idea of the insane hairstyles that they've created in the past. Could they really be teasing Catherine 2?

If it is in fact just an image for Persona 5, I don't really understand the reason to conceal it. After all, we know that Persona 5 exists and the way you get gamers really excited at E3 is by showing them something they could never see coming. Of course it could be the unveiling of a character in Persona 5, perhaps someone from the series' past - but for those that aren't really engaged with the series, it won't exactly be a big reveal. Or would it? What do you guys think?

Catherine 2 at E3?
Catherine 2 at E3?

Is Catherine the kind of game that people are vying for a sequel to? Do you want another story to be wrapped up in and more tough puzzles to solve? I know I do, but I'm not exactly sure of the fan base surrounding this little gem! Be sure to let us know in the comments what could lie behind Atlus' badge. Is it more for Persona 5, or is it something completely different?


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