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Update: The title that almost never was, is finally confirmed. Mirror's Edge 2, now officially known as Mirror's Edge: Catalyst will be making its long awaited arrival this year at E3.

This new Mirror's Edge, according to the team behind its creation, will be more of a reboot than a sequel. The aim is to take Mirror's Edge far beyond the previous levels of restriction. By creating an entirely new game built on the Mirror's Edge platform, fans are in for one heck of a ride come 2016.

The plot prediction that we cast below may still apply, but until that great E3 show next week we just cannot be sure.

Mirror’s Edge has always had a special place in the hearts of all of us at DICE. The first game had a lot of promise. It was unlike anything else in terms of the gameplay and style — it had a unique soul. But as much as we loved that game, we knew it could be more. So that’s what we have set out to do as we introduce Mirror’s Edge to a new generation.
“The team has spent a lot of time re-evaluating every aspect of the game and making it a new experience. This is not a sequel, this is not Mirror’s Edge 2. We have landed on a vision that honors the first game — pushing the boundaries of first person movement and diving deeper into the story behind our heroine Faith — but also brings a lot of great new, interesting gameplay and features to the experience for our players. - Senior producer Sara Jansson

Original: EA and Dice have both teased the fan favorite Mirror's Edge sequel. Can we expect to see the big reveal at E3 next week?

The official Mirror's Edge Twitter page has sparked into life this week by posting an image with the word 'Catalyst' written within it. This has set the gaming world of speculation and wonder into overdrive. Are EA teasing a big reveal or are they just leading us up the garden path?

Mirror's Edge - Twitter
Mirror's Edge - Twitter

Speculation of whether the sequel will get its long awaited reveal at E3 next week, along with the likelihood of the sequel bearing the name Catalyst are now both trending topics within the gaming world.

We know that EA owns the name 'Catalyst' as it has been seen on their intellectual property page. If you look at the timings, the trademark was acquired just before the Mirror's Edge Tweet came out.

The sequel was teased back in 2013 with the above trailer, so we know that it has been in development for some time now and the idea of a truly next-gen experience was what the developers were going for.

The plan was that they were to create a game that would melt the mind of a PS3 or Xbox 360 user just at the mere thought of Mirror's Edge 2.

"It's a true next-gen idea, next-gen execution and that felt right." - Patrick Soderlund
Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2

Mirror's Edge fell into a niche market of its own, but now already seems to have a far greater demand than ever.

"Our goal in any product is to try and grow the audience," previous EA executive Frank Gibeau explained. "We're definitely taking into account the opportunity to reach a bigger group of people. We think we've got the right story and accessibility that can do that." - Patrick Soderlund
Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2

Mirror's Edge 2 will be the origin story to the events that unfolded in Mirror's Edge. It will showcase her players evolution into the character seen in the first game. The game will continue to be a first-person action platformer, with the continued focus on parkour or "free-running" to traverse the game's environments.

I love Mirror's Edge so much, I'm not going to get into it here, but the game did have its faults. All those indoor bits were still fantastic and enjoyable but I wanted to free-run everywhere. Picky? Maybe a little...

Mirror's Edge 2
Mirror's Edge 2

If there is a big reveal at E3, we estimate January 2016 will be a realistic release date. The sequel is current gen only, releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. My prediction is that we will most definitely be seeing this fan favorite revealed at E3.

Are you ready for the next installment of Mirror's Edge? Why Catalyst? Any fan theories?

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Mirror's Edge
Mirror's Edge

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